Why January is the best option to visit Morocco ?

Why January is the best option to visit Morocco ?

Though every month is the best in its own way, to visit Morocco, so it does not matters much that when you are visiting Morocco. What actually matters is the beauty of this amazing destination that remains the same during the whole year. But if we talk about climate, then Morocco is a hot country, so maximum of the times, you will feel the warm temperature there, that is the reason many visitors prefer to visit there during winters because of the balanced temperature all around. If we talk about the particular month, then January is the best time to have real Morocco tours.

The best part to visit Morocco in the winter season is you will see fewer crowds all around, so overall it will be a peaceful experience to visit this country in the month of January. Many tourists also consider this destination best, especially for winter-escaping. Many European countries remain cold during the whole year and especially in winter months, the temperature fully goes out of the limit. At that time, people find Morocco the best winter escaping destination, where they can survive in the peak time of winters.

Apart from all that, there are many top activities that you can perform in your Morocco budget tours in the winter season, such as snowboarding, skiing, trekking, camel riding and many other water sports. And when it comes to spending quality time in the beach towns, then also January month is the best to visit Morocco and also don’t forget to have their famous mint tea, whenever you visit there. Sipping a cup of sweet mint tea with a fresh cool breeze all around will make you forget everything.

If you are fond of exploring the souks of the city, then also visiting this country in January month is a great idea. Because at this time, you need not suffer hard by roaming in the streets under the harsh rays of the sun in the hot climate. And one more advantage is the peaceful roads, where you can freely move everywhere. Haggling is also the best and most common activity in the souks, it is a small process of dealing with the shopkeeper for buying the products. If you are good at it, then you must try this activity in the souks of Morocco, it is also a kind of adventure and a satisfactory moment when you finally convince the shopkeeper at your suitable price. If you are an expert in it, then surely go for it and if you haven’t done this ever before, then also you should try at least once.

Enjoying a refreshing massage in the spas is the another good source of enjoying your trip in the best way.

Let’s discuss the topmost places which you can visit in this January month,

Atlas Mountains – don’t ever miss the opportunity to make a trip to the Atlas Mountains when visiting Morocco, I repeat it, “don’t ever miss this opportunity”! maximum visitors think that trekking is a bad idea in winters. But actually, it is an amazing activity for all the time, but if you perform this in winters, then it’s like “cherry on the cake”. This adventure will make you crazy. Honestly ask yourself, why you people make any trip? For changing the mood, right? So, what’s the point of making a trip even if you are not participating in any adventurous activity. Then there is no difference left in between your trip days and normal routine days. So we strongly recommend you to make a trekking tour in Atlas region, you can also approach a guide for you who can safely take you ahead to trek the mountains, he will take you through many Berber villages where you can hold for some time to explore new things about their tradition and culture then your journey will pass through the Imlil village. You can also have some rest in the villages which comes on your way. So, overall you will gain a wonderful experience and will enjoy your Morocco holiday package at the best price.

Majorelle garden – French painter, “Jacques Majorelle” created this amazing garden which is worth to visit in your Morocco budget tours. The beauty of this garden is beyond the expectations, that is the reason every tourist include this place in their Morocco trip. Don’t just believe our words, visit there first, you will surely get mesmerized by its extreme beauty. It took forty years to build this whole garden, now you can simply imagine how amazing it would be! So include this place in your list which is located in the most popular city – Marrakech.

Essaouira – this is a lovely beach town, the atmosphere becomes more admirable in winters, you will feel the cool fresh breeze at the beach and will spend some relaxing time there. You will also see there Berber women producing argan oil. You will find this activity, interesting to watch.

Desert – head to the desert to spend the real Morocco tours, where nights become cooler and days are hot. Camel riding  and quad bike trip are the best activities to enjoy, if you are looking for spending some adventurous time, and if you are a couple and looking to spend some quality time alone, then go for the bonfire and have dinner at the beautiful dunes, under the beautiful sky of the desert. As we mentioned, nights are very cool in the desert, so bonfire is a great idea to spend an amazing time together.

Medina – you must have heard the name “Jema el Fna”. This place becomes the most happening destination for visitors during the evenings. Snake charmers, dancers, singers and all kinds of entertainers you can see there. It is an amazing and most popular market in Morocco where you can see the most attractive objects which reflect the history and culture of the area. Visiting there in winter will give you the experience of less crowdy roads, hope you will like it.

Visiting all these attractions of Morocco during winters is an amazing experience for all because of the balanced temperature in the country. And the beauty of this amazing destination reaches the peak every year in January which lets all the visitors in having the best experiences in their journey.

So, if you want to get the most out of your trip, then prefer visiting in January.

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