What you should know before travel in Moroccan Road ?

What you should know before travel in Moroccan Road ?


Are you planning for the first time to have your vacation tours to Morocco?

If yes, then congrats, you have visited on the right page! This article will surely prove worth to you by letting you know about the most essential things to remember in your trip to Morocco.

So get ready, because you are going to have so much fun and adventure in your vacation tours to Morocco. But if you have never been there before, then you need to know some essential things like what to carry, what to wear, where to stay there, where to visit, how to deal with their local people, budget planning and so on so that you can hassle freely enjoy your best Morocco vacation packages.

Below mentioned are some of the points which need to be considered while having your trip, Have a look –

Dress appropriately – there are no such dressing conditions for men, but if you are female travellers then you need to think at least twice what you are wearing there. Don’t worry, no one is going to harm you there but still, you need to be little alert about what you wear to avoid unwanted attention. Wear full sleeves clothes and legs must be covered till knees when you roam in the local streets of morocco. And avoid wearing deep neck dresses and your shoulders should be covered. You can also carry a scarf with you to cover yourself.

Try to do haggling – haggling is the most essential and common activity to perform there. As prices are very high in the souks of Fes and Marrakech, especially for tourists, so you need to develop the bargaining skills to control expense. So, first decide how much maximum you can pay for a particular product, then start your haggling to reach the optimum price, if things won’t work, then simply walk out because there is no use of buying the product in the 4 times higher price than its actual worth. Shopkeepers will surely call you back and will try to convince you, but if you won’t agree on their price, then simply avoid.

Learn to speak their language – for interacting with their local people, you need to learn some basic Arabic phrases, though English is also a well known language there, but learning the Arabic language would be better for you to comfortably involve in the interaction. You can learn online or there are some books also which can help you with this.

Avoid strangers offering you a guided tour to Morocco – you can also face these types of people, who offer you tours for “free”. We strongly recommend you to beware of this “free” word as it seems very attractive if someone offers a free service but it most probably a scam which can spoil your trip. You may also find some people when you ask them for help in finding directions, they will simply walk with you to guide you the directions, later on they will ask you for money. If you are comfortable in paying the tip to them then always carry change with you and if you don’t want, then simply avoid this situation by carrying a route map with you so that you never need to take help from locals.

Avoid visiting Sahara desert if you are in a short trip – visiting Sahara is in the top of the list of every tourist, but we recommend you to visit there only if you are having enough time in your trip, otherwise you may get lost in finding the journey and maximum of your time will spend in travelling only, as this place is very far, it will take approx 10 hours for you to reach there through mountainous regions.

Remember their holidays – if you travel around Morocco during Ramadan, then be prepared that you will not be going to have everything which you can get in the normal days. Maximum shops remain closed during this time. Some food stalls would be open so you can get food there. But if you want to spend your time in the crowded streets of Morocco, then it’s a bad idea to visit during Ramadan. If you visit there on normal days, then Fridays are considered as their “holy days”, so mostly shops and attractions remain closed on Fridays. But on their religious holidays, the best attractions for tourists are the Mosques in the evening time, as the scene becomes really admirable when devotees pray loudly.

Carry medicines – if you are on a trip, then there might be chances of being unwell. So better is to be prepared for that situation. So must carry some medicines for indigestion and headache specially. As these are the most common issues occurs during trip.

Carry local currency of Morocco with you – as cards are not acceptable in many shops there, so be ready with appropriate cash. And don’t depend on ATMs there for everything, you can approach your hotel for money exchange services. Also, carry some small amounts of money with you as you may also need to provide the tip for every service you use.

Budget – be prepared for the expense on your trip. The estimated cost idea is MAD395 per day that is $41 in US currency and Rs2,911 in Indian currency.

Hope you find these points useful for you in your Morocco trip, these are some basic conditions for visitors, to help them out in getting the most out of their Morocco journey and you can get the amazing experience.

So, Morocco is an amazing destination to visit, but some important points are always required to be noted when travelling around Morocco.

Remember one thing, you need to take everything seriously, as only one little negligence will lead you to spoil your whole trip, so better is to be yourself prepare for every kind of situation by carrying all the requisites to your trip so that you can enjoy the best Morocco vacation packages.

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