What you need to know before visiting the Sahara desert?

What you need to know before visiting the Sahara desert?

Sahara desert is full of adventure and unique experiences. Many tourists have created and lived amazing memories there. The best part of this place is that people of all the age groups find it equally amazing to spend time there. The reason behind this is Sahara desert has a lot more than what you expect.

You all are must be aware of its beautiful view of sunrise and sunset. The actual beauty of this view is deserved to be seen by everyone. No words are enough to explain. You will surely agree with us after you reach there.

Apart from that, there are tremendous activities you can perform according to your preferences. Including the camel ride, which is the most popular and common amongst all the activities. Several more activities are also there, we assure you, after getting know about all those activities, you couldn’t control yourself from visiting there in real. So, I am mentioning some of them here –

  • Ride a quad bike – for exploring the whole beauty of the desert, you don’t need to walk, just rent a quad bike and begin your ride through the dunes. While having ride, take your tour to reach the palm groves and visit local villages.


  • If you reach there in winters, then there is nothing perfect than this. Enjoy a bonfire with your companions. If you are a couple, then get ready to have a romantic date there.


  • Spa – the most innovative and interesting activity you can enjoy there is a spa. You usually take baths and spas in big saloons. Now take a sand bath in desert dunes, it will make you feel refreshing. And this spa is good for your skin too.


  • If you are fond of wildlife photography, then again Sahara desert is a perfect choice.


  • Meet local people there, your guide will take you to their homes so that you can easily understand their living style.


  • Only a few people know that the desert is known for Gnawa music also. You can enjoy listening to Gnawa music especially in Essaouira.


  • The most desirable part of your Sahara desert trip is to watch the sunrise and sunset. The way when the sky slowly changes its color and you see the sunrise and sunset moment so closely, it’s really admirable.


  • Go for shopping. Rissani is known for its most popular market. Explore the new objects there. And must try their tasty street food.

This is the never ending explanation about the beauty of the desert. Once you reach there, then you will realize and feel the pleasant environment.

But before going there, there are some do’s and dont’s which you all must be aware of. Our aim of writing this article is that you can stress freely enjoy your Sahara desert trip. That is why we are explaining here some guidelines. Have a look –

  • Carry as much water you can. You will feel hot in the day time. So, don’t let this problem spoil your trip. Carry extra water bottles with you so that you can keep hydrated.


  • Many people have a misconception that Sahara desert is close to Marrakech, but this is far away from reality. The distance from Marrakech to Erg chebbi dunes is approx 600km and Zagora is 360km from Marrakech. The route will take around a day or two to reach the desert. If you are having limited time so better is to not consider to reach there. Or if you are comfortable in long excursions then drive through the most iconic places like dades gorges, Todra Gorges, valley of roses and must hold for some time at these places to have rest and to explore more in your journey. This will make your trip more exciting.


  • Best time to visit there is in between the months of May and October. The reason behind this is you will face less hot temperature during this time.


  • Avoid to get in touch with cacti plants, as these are poisonous and getting close to them can fully destroy your trip. Enjoy seeing them with a particular distance as these plants have poisonous spikes which will harm your skin badly.


  • Dress according to the climate. You can have so much fun in the desert, but only if you will remember some essential things. And clothes are the most important part of your trip. Even how much you are going to be enjoyed there is fully depends on which type of clothes you will wear. So, carry a scarf with you all the time so that you can cover your head and face to be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Surely wear sunscreen. And wear only light colored clothes because dark colored clothes increase the level of heat.


Even there must be a list to follow when you pack your bags for the trip. For this purpose, we have created a list of important things which you must include in your packing list.

  1. A torch, so that things will be visible for you at night in the desert.
  2. A camera, to capture your beautiful moments.
  3. A waterproof bag to protect your camera and any other gadgets you carried in your trip.
  4. First aid kit, in case you get injured, so you must have all the necessary things available. Pharmacies are far away from the desert.
  5. Hiking shoes.
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Hat
  8. Socks
  9. Jacket, to survive at night, as nights are cooler in the desert.

Many people also have the confusion that can they visit the desert with their kids.

The answer is absolutely yes. It is not written in any book that kids can’t visit desert or desert’s climate is harmful to kids. But yes, there are some things which must be taken care of like carry loose fitted clothes, sunglasses, hats, scarfs, sunscreen etc.

So there are no different rules for kids, you only need to be careful for them the same as the way you care for yourself.

And one more tip, you can also carry swimsuits with you to take a bath whenever you want in the swimming pool in the accommodations outside the sand dunes.

That’s all for now. Hope this article is relevant to your requirement.

Good luck

Happy Journey

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