Tour of the Blue city – Chefchaouen, Morocco

Tour of the Blue city – Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen – “the blue pearl of Morocco”, do you know the prettiest thing about this city? The walls of all the buildings are painted in a bright blue color. Tourists find it really amazing to have a visit to such a city which is full of the same blue color all around. Even local people of the area paint their houses twice a year.

If we talk about the reason that why this city is colored in blue, people have many conceptions. Some says that blue color keeps their houses cool during hot climates and some people also say that blue color on the walls protects their houses from mosquitoes.

Anyways, whatever the reason is, but this blue city is the favorite destination of tourists. Not just because of its blue color. Chefchaoun has many more interesting places to explore. We recommend you to bring enough time of approx 2 to 3 days minimum for roaming this city.

As this city is located in the mountains, so expect the extremely cold climate especially in winters. This city is just opposite of Marrakech. This means if you want to roam a peaceful city on your trip, so you can consider chefchaouen as your first choice. Below we have mentioned some must-visit places which are equally interesting and affordable.

  • If we talk about how to spend your pleasant time in the city, so we first suggest you roam in the local streets of the city at least for some hours of time. Don’t miss your camera, as capturing the beautiful view of the city on the camera is the most worth full activity. See the lifestyle of the local people there, and visit the local shops of the bakers and spend some time there to know how they work. It will be fun!


  • Visit their local markets, which also known as souks. Their traditional clothes and ornaments you will see in the market. If you love to have a long walk in the city then souk is the best place where you can see and explore new things while walking. Monday and Thursday, you will see much liveliness in the market because of the heavy crowd all around. Because in these two days the farmers of the Rif valley, sell their fresh fruits and vegetables in the city. And if you are shopaholic then you will surely find the objects in the market which are suitable for you. Must try their traditional clothes, as it will be a new experience for you to wear the dress of Moroccan culture. You will surely like it. You will also see the craft works, potteries and the designed jewelries.


  • If you are kind of person who loves to know more about the history and culture then surely visit the Kasbah museum in your vacation tours to Morocco, this museum is located in the old Medina and surrounded by the beautiful gardens. Their artefacts, potteries and musical instruments reflect the history and culture of the city. You can also visit the art gallery, within the museum to know better about their culture.


  • The grand mosque of Chefchaouen, the most visited place in the city. The prayer voice over five times a day which makes the holy atmosphere all around. And its architecture is really praisable which proves the creativity of people in the 15th And don’t forget, non muslims are not allowed to enter the Mosque.


  • Enjoy hiking in the Rif mountains, the most lovable activity. Watching the mountains from the streets is not enough to know its actual beauty. Feel the adventurous pleasure by hiking on these mountains. The peaks are 6500 feet high. And if you are new to hiking so you can simply take guidance from the expert guide. It will be the best and memorable experience of yours in your tours and holidays to Morocco. So must try.


  • Enjoy your meal at the most popular and affordable restaurant in Morocco, “Aladdin Restaurant”. A wide variety of Moroccan cuisines will be offered to you such as kefts, tagines, couscous, apart from that, the best part is this restaurant has a romantic theme which adds the pleasure while having your food.


  • Visit the local Hammam for having the relaxing Moroccan massage. Also, you can try bathing in the local hammam. That will give you a more refreshing experience. And if this is your first time so it might be a little uncomfortable for you in the local hammam because there will be no one to guide you and especially if you don’t speak Spanish or French then we suggest you to visit the tourist hammams where all the services are available for tourists.


  • Nightlife – there is always a curiosity amongst maximum tourist to know about the night life of a particular city in which they have a visit. Frankly speaking, there are no bars in Chefchaouen, only two places are there “Atlas Chaouen” and “Hotel Parador” where you might find alcohol.


  • Plaza Uta El-Hammam consists of restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy your meal or tea. You can spend a relaxing time there while watching the Mountain View.


  • Spend your day to watch the most beautiful waterfalls of Akchour, and observe the beauty of the scene how water is falling and touching the blue theme of the city, this scene is admirable. You will see the rocks formation nearby to Akchour waterfalls, its God’s bridge. The mixture of both the waterfalls and God’s bridge makes a perfect combination.


  • Lina riad and spa, arrange a one night stay in your vacation tours to Morocco at Lina Riad and Spa located in the heart of the medina. You will have luxurious rooms there and can enjoy spa and massage services in the hammam. And also have the view of the swimming pool inside the riad.

So overall it is an amazing experience, so must add this city in your trip of tours and holidays to Morocco if you want an interesting and new change in your journey. The blue walls of this city are always been a hot topic on the internet. That is the reason many people are curious to see this city in real.

Hope you find it interesting to visit all the above mentioned places of Chefchaouen after reading this article.

You can also hire a travel expert for more detailed information regarding where to visit and who can also offer you a Morocco holiday package at the best price.

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