The ultimate guide to travel in Morocco
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The ultimate guide to travel in Morocco

Morocco is a colourful and interesting destination, whether we talk about its souks, mountains, gardens, museums, mosques or anything, it has won hearts of maximum people that is the reason, lots of tourists visit Morocco every year and gain lots of happy experiences in their private Morocco travel tours, but if you are a first-timer to Morocco, then It’s quite difficult for you to have the worth experience.

Do you know why?

Because there are so many things which tourists are not aware of and there are too many confusions and questions in the mind of almost every tourist, which must be cleared before visiting to your destination. This article notify you of some things which should be taken care of –

  1. Where to go and top activities to do.
  2. When to go
  3. Budget planning
  4. Money saving tips
  5. How to complete the journey safely
  6. What to include in your packing list
  7. Time management

These are the most important things to remember if planning to have best Morocco private tours if you ignore them, then you might face difficulties in your journey and you can’t get the most of your trip,

And we can’t let this happen!

So we are here to provide you an ultimate guide to travel in Morocco

Let’s start with the topmost destinations which are worth to include in your trip –

  • Marrakech Medina – the colorful souks of Medina will drive you crazy through its colourful and amazing atmosphere. Visitors always find new positive energy in them after visiting such a happening place. Apart from all that, there is so much to explore also, clothes, jewellery, carpets, and their raw spices are the best to buy. And do you know the best thing about this souk? Almost everything is handmade there, that is the reason the things you buy from there are more creatively designed, whether you purchase jewellery, accessories, clothes, carpets or anything.


  • Majorelle Garden – designed by the French painter Jacques Majorelle in the year 1919. Located in the northwest of Medina. This garden is the best place to find some peace along with a beautiful environment. You will see the fountains and trees everywhere. And the blooming flowers in the garden are like icing on the cake. You can also move to the museum of Yves Saint Laurent, which was a fashion designer, this museum is all about to showcase his excellent works. You can explore his talent in the exhibition hall, you will find it really interesting. It is located close to the Majorelle garden, so you can easily move to the museum after visiting the garden.


  • Trekking in the High Atlas Mountains – maximum people are aware of the highest peak of North Africa, it is Jebel Toubkal, which is 13, 671 feet high and 4,167 wide. It is located in the High Atlas region. Visitors are crazy to climb this mountain, they find adventure in trekking this highest peaked mountain. If you too are interested to do this activity then start your trekking from Imlil, it is a mountain village located near Marrakech. The best time to go for trekking there is in the month of April and May, as this time suits the visitors to perform trekking hassle freely as the climate is less rainy during this time.


  • Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca – you will surely love the experience of visiting the largest mosque in the whole country. And the best part is, non- muslims are allowed to enter, so you can closely admire the beauty of its architecture. It was built in the year 1993 and took almost 7 years to complete.


  • Chefchaouen – it is the most interesting city in Morocco, all because of its innovative structure. The whole city is colored in bright blue. And you will also feel a peaceful and pleasant environment all around. The best thing you can do is to pick a camera, and stroll everywhere and capture the scenic view of the whole town. There are many cafes too, so you can have snacks or meal there and don’t miss to visit the attractive craft markets of the area.


These are the brief details of the places which are must-to include in your private Morocco travel tours, though there are many amazing destinations of Morocco but above mentioned are some of them.

If we talk about the perfect time to visit Morocco, then it is during the spring and autumn season, i.e in the month of March to May and September to October.

Though all the months are good to visit this amazing country but during spring and autumn season, you will see a balanced weather temperature of Morocco, not much heat and not much cold, so you can enjoy more.

Let’s talk about the budget!

Budget planning is the most essential part if you want to have affordable Morocco tours, for that purpose we are giving below some details of expenses, that you can expect while making your trip to Morocco –

Per person, per day it will cost MAD 395, and if you are a couple, then it will cost you around MAD 5,532 per day.

This is the approx amount, not fixed. The total expense only depends on how you are spending your trip.

If you want to decrease your expense in your trip, then must consider the money saving tips below –

  • Prefer to have street food, as it is less expensive than restaurant foods.
  • Avoid drinking
  • Avoid data roaming
  • Learn haggling skills
  • Learn basic French phrases to easily interact with people there.

Some tourists might also concerned about safety issues.

First of all, clear all your doubts regarding safety in Morocco, it is a safe country, there is nothing to worry about. But still, you need to be aware and alert of some points which are necessary for you if you are visiting any country.

  • Avoid interacting with anyone if you are not comfortable and learn to say “no, thank you”.
  • You will also meet some strangers offering the tour to you, never accept their offer, they can be scammers.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts with you.
  • Wear full sleeves clothes and try to carry a scarf with you, as Morocco is a conservative country so this rule is must to be followed by female travellers to avoid any kind of miss happening.
  • Avoid taking pictures of people there, if you do so then be prepared, they can ask for money.
  • Try to do bargaining there in the local markets.

There are some essential things to include in your packing list in your best Morocco private tours

  • Water bottles
  • Scarves
  • Socks
  • General Medicines
  • Sweaters
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Eye mask
  • Hat
  • Loose fitting pants
  • Long skirts for women
  • Swimsuits
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Toilet paper
  • Sanitizer
  • Charger

That all for now, hope we are successful enough to give a detailed guide about your tour in Morocco. Follow these steps to avoid any kind of issue and to gain a wonderful experience in your affordable Morocco tours.

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