Some facts about Morocco which are actually lies

Some facts about Morocco which are actually lies

Many people are fond of Morocco after their vacation tours to Morocco. Some people like its colorful souks, some people liked the crowded and happening streets, some liked its yummy food, some like their culture, and some liked their beautiful gardens and so on. Morocco has gained so much popularity throughout the world. But when there is a positive impact of the popularity then somewhere there is negative popularity too.

Morocco has now become a major topic of discussion amongst tourists and many other people. Almost all the details regarding Morocco are available on the Internet. That is why many people are now aware of all the interesting facts of Morocco. But on the other side, the Internet is filled with lots of rumours about Morocco too. Because being a popular country, spreading rumours is very common.

Many people are having many misconceptions about this country, all because of the gossips that are viral on the internet. But don’t worry, this article will reveal all the facts, and will showcase only the real part of Morocco.

This article is especially for Morocco lovers, who want to know more about the real facts about Moroccan culture, their livings and their people. Below mentioned are some misbeliefs and actual facts about Morocco, have a look please –

  • The first rumour is when you travel around Morocco, then you will see the souks of medina becomes more happening at night and gets a bit crazy, let us clear this, there is no crazy kind of thing. The fact is you can see more crowds at night in the medina as compared to day time all because maximum people come out to stroll in the souks at night. You will see tourists, local families and sellers and obviously the entertainers, story tellers, and snake charmers too.


  • Many people also have a misconception that the local people of morocco follow the tourists and try to engage them in the conversation and after that, they demand money from tourists. It’s not true at all! The fact is their local people are very friendly and polite, they never plan to talk with you just for money. it’s a fake statement.


  • There is also a rumour about Marrakech, that 3 days are enough to spend quality time in Marrakech. Though 3 days can be enough for visiting some famous places in a hurry and just to meet the target of your 3 days. But you will not be able to have quality experience if you will frequently cover all the destinations of Marrakech. The right way is to calmly attend and spend a good time in whichever destination you visit. Spend at least a day to each place, it will give you a far better experience. So, the fact is 3 days are not enough to visit Marrakech’s all the famous places.


  • Some says that Google maps stop working properly when you visit the souks of Marrakech and fes, so you will tend to take help from local people to ask for directions, and they will also demand some money for helping you out. It’s not true!


  • There are rumors about cats too, some people also think that lots of cats can be seen in Morocco, you will not see any person there without a cat or dog. Even Morocco is not good to visit if you don’t like cats. And the correct statement is yes, cats can be seen in Morocco, but not in huge numbers. You can see one or two cats around you in some areas.


  • Storks are also can be seen in large numbers in Morocco, but the fact is, Its not true!


  • Rumor is that its not good to take photographs of their local people in your vacation tours to Morocco, as they don’t like it or some can also charge money from you for taking their photos. The fact is, people not even bothered for what you are doing with your camera and they don’t find this activity embarrassing or offensive, and they charge money for this? A big no to this statement.


  • Some says that when you plan to travel around Morocco, then you should beware of beggars, as they might follow you. But actually, nobody can follow. Even nobody can’t perform any kind of suspicious activity to anyone, as it is not legal in the country, nobody can tease you in any way.


  • Riding a camel is uncomfortable, do you think it can be true? Every day lots of tourists visit Morocco and most of them perform camel riding if this activity is that much uncomfortable, then nobody will love to do this. But yes, if you are doing it for the first time, so you may feel not so good and comfortable, but this goes for every new activity which you never performed before. When you try this again, then you will surely feel good. So, camel riding is not at all uncomfortable, even we would say it is the most pleasant activity that is fully worth to include in your trip.


  • Some also say that in the markets of Marrakech, if you stare at their products and then don’t buy anything from them, then they get slightly irritated with you, which is not true.


  • The next rumor is that snake charmers can put their snake on you without even asking for any permission to you, this is a big lie.


  • There is also a rumor that people face lots of strict checking at the airports, they are asked to fill the forms and lots of checks.


  • Rumor is that you are most likely to get trapped in the terrorist attack in Morocco and tourists are on the target list.

That’s all for now, hope we are successful enough in maintaining the difference between actual facts and lies. So, don’t pay attention to any illogical rumours and continue enjoying your best Morocco vacation packages.

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