Seasons- Best things to do in Morocco in winter

Seasons- Best things to do in Morocco in winter

Though there are so many interesting things to do in every month of Morocco, but the winter season is a bit different. The activities which you perform in winter give you a far different feeling as compared to any other season. All credit goes to the pleasant environment of morocco in winters. You will feel an immense refreshing atmosphere around you which tends you to increase your adventure level in your morocco budget tours.

Apart from all that visiting morocco in the winter season also helps the people who want to escape from the winters of their country. Morocco is also the best suited destination for the winters’ escapers.

Morocco is basically a country of hot weather most of the year, but in winter, it has a moderate and a balanced climate, that is the reason maximum tourists find this place perfect for winter escaping.

This article is all about to make you aware of the most beautiful phase of Morocco, which you can only see in winters

This article covers where to visit and top activities to do in winters in your Morocco budget tours.

Hope you will like it.

First of all is you have to be expected of the rain, as in winter there is always a high possibility of rain in Morocco in comparison to other seasons. So if you want to avoid the rainy climate, make sure to check the weather forecast of each destination before reaching there.

The thing which you may or maybe not like is the fewer crowds in the country during winter, whether you visit markets, museums, desert or anywhere, you will see only a few people around you. This can be a bit advantage for you in our suggestion, you can freely move anywhere there will be no hassle of heavy crowds.

Now the top things you can do there are –

  • Hiking in the Atlas Mountains – if you think that you are the most adventurous person, then winter is the perfect time for hiking in Morocco. But be aware, it can be chillier in the mountain area with a temperature of about 3 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius. We maximum observed that tourists enjoy hiking more in winter, that is why this activity is highly recommended to adventurous tourists. We also suggest you to hire a private tour guide with you to experience the real morocco tours.


  • Skiing – the most common and interesting activity to be performed is skiing sport. If you want to experience this sport during snowfall, then prefer to visit there in the month of December to March. And some famous resorts for ski sports are Oukaimeden and Tazaghart.


  • Sahara Desert – this desert is the best for both Skiing and trekking lovers. If you are not much interested to enjoy ski sport in the snow, then desert is the best place to experience it. You will have so much to explore there in the dunes. You can also have an adventurous trekking there. The climate is a bit hot in the day time even during winters and nights are often cooler and are the best time to enjoy a bonfire. Taking a camel ride is another great idea in the desert especially at the time of sunrise and sunset. Surely carry a camera with you to capture these amazing moments in your real morocco tours.


  • Essaouira – known as the beach town, in winters you can feel the refreshing and moisturous breeze around the beaches. You can easily book a resort as there is usually a lesser crowd at this time, so there will be no hassle for you to book any table or room for you. Restaurants are the best known at this place, so foodies can have a great time there. And also the most popular activity you can enjoy is kite flying.


  • Stay in a luxurious Riad – if you want to spend your holiday peacefully then go for this idea because these riads are luxurious palaces and houses with wonderful architecture and interior. If you are couple then prefer to stay in a Riad. And the best time for booking a riad is around Christmas and New Year, you will receive heavy discounts on charges.


  • Marrakech – if you want to experience a loud and happening atmosphere, then must visit Marrakech, it has lots of adventure for the people of all the ages. You can roam around the local streets of the medina and enjoy shopping around Jema el-Fnaa and must try their tastiest street food. Here you can see many restaurants also offering the yummiest Moroccan cuisines.


  • Casablanca – the most interesting thing is the beautiful architecture of buildings. We can also consider this city as a major relaxation point. And all credit goes to their spas and luxurious hammams. Also, if you want to experience the night life there, then visit the sky 28, an amazing bar. This point is far away from the noisy roads of the old medina, you can spend a refreshing time while having a cocktail in your hands and listening to live music.


  • Chefchaouen – you can take full pleasure in this city by just walking because every step is going to be interesting in this blue city. Bring a camera with you to capture these moments while walking. Their relaxing points are cafes, restaurants and the Ral el-Maa waterfall. If you don’t like the hectic markets of the medina, then markets of this blue city are best suited for you to visit, you can easily stroll the calm markets in their local areas. The best time to visit there is Monday and Thursday because at that time you will see the local markets with a huge quantity of traditional objects like handmade clothes, hats, and ornaments. And the best part is this city is in your budget, you can easily find everything in less price like the riad, transportation and food. You will also find easy to bargain for the objects you want to purchase in your morocco budget tours.


Apart from all this, don’t miss out the fantastic events held every winter in Morocco.

  • New Year Eve – December 31, most happening night in Morocco. you can see the crowded and noisy streets everywhere. You can celebrate this eve in any way you want either by having a party in the bar and clubs or by peacefully sitting under the beautiful sky of the desert. It’s up to you!


  • Marrakech international film festival – this event is the best source to showcase new talents. Film actors are warmly invited to join this event.


  • Tan Tan Moussem – this is the traditional event where different tribes of Morocco gathered and celebrate traditional berber culture. The activities they perform are camel trading, games, competitions, music and dance.

Hope we are successful enough to provide the relevant information about Morocco during winter.

We also suggest you to hire an experienced travel agent to enjoy your morocco holiday package at the best price.

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