Prerequisites before travelling Morocco

Prerequisites before travelling Morocco

If planning for private and custom tours to Morocco, some preparations are needed to be done before visiting your destination, and to freely enjoy your tours and holidays in Morocco. From travel documents to your dress code, everything must be sorted before you go. There is nothing much complicated, you just need to be a little bit alert while packing your bags.

This article reflects some do’s and don’ts to remember when preparing for a trip.

We know many people have a common confusion in their mind, like is there any visa required to travel to Morocco. Mentioned below are some facts to be known by every tourist.

  • Visa is only required if your trip duration is more than 90 days in Morocco. If you are having a trip of fewer than 90 days, then you don’t need to apply for Visa.


  • Passport is a must for the citizen of every country. But your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the day you reach Morocco. And it must contain at least one blank page.


  • Some vaccinations need to be done before visiting Morocco, such as – typhoid, rabies, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, pneumonia, shingles and chickenpox.


Above mentioned are some easy points to remember before visiting Morocco. There is no such hard and fast rule to plan a tour in this place.

Next query is what to wear and what all things need to carry in your trip.

The first thing to remember is to carry the clothes which are convenient in both the climates, either hot or cold. So that you can stress freely enjoy your trip in changeable climates of Morocco. And females are more required to dress nicely. Avoid wearing revealing clothes which can make you prone to bad kind of attention. Don’t worry ladies, we are having solution for this, please have a look at our common tips of dress code.

  • Keep your shoulders fully covered, avoid wearing backless tops. And if no option remains then you can simply cover yourself through a scarf.


  • Try to wear loose pants there and avoid wearing fitted jeans or short skirts. You can wear long skirts or shorts.


  • When visit mosque then always cover your head.


  • If you wear fitted jeans or pants, then prefer wearing a long top with it.


  • Carry a scarf with you all the time to escape from hotness of temperature.


Just carry yourself in a way which makes you feel comfortable all the time and let you enjoy more in your tour and holidays in Morocco.

These are the easy tips which you should include in your dressing style.

Let’s have a look at what men should wear –

  • A collared shirt is preferred more.
  • Avoid wearing torn jeans.
  • Avoid wearing over designed t shirts.
  • Avoid wearing short or even long shorts in religious sites.

Above mentioned tips are all about how to dress up during your journey. There are many more essential things which you always required to remember during your trip to Morocco.

  • Consider learning a few sentences in Arabic. You should have a basic understanding of the native language of the place to which you are planning to visit. It makes you feel comfortable in the local crowd of Morocco. It will also facilitate you to easily interact with their local people if you are stuck somewhere and don’t know the direction, so you can easily ask from any one. Or you will be able to order your food in a restaurant or hire a taxi for you. Knowing their language will be beneficial for you in many ways. And you don’t need to learn deeply, you just need to learn a few basic phrases. We are mentioning below some useful phrases that you should learn in Arabic or French –
  1. Hi
  2. Where
  • How much price
  1. Thank you
  2. Sorry

Etc,, these are the only words which you should learn. You can easily explore their translation in Arabic through the internet.


  • Be aware of scammers, which you will see almost everywhere. Many tourist guides will chase you. All will approach you to help you out. Don’t trust them. They are not licensed, they are just scammers and after your money. They will convince you in every way and just in a look of chance. We suggest you to hire a professional and licensed tourist guide with you in your trip which will also helpful for you to have Morocco holiday package at best price and Must ask to see their license and do enquire about their company. In short, we recommend you to be alert in each step of your private and custom tours in Morocco.


  • Learn how to bargain; otherwise, these local shopkeepers will rob your money. Because they think that you are new to their place so you are not aware of their prices. Even that’s true! That’s why we suggest you to negotiate with them regarding price. Otherwise you have to pay the double cost from the actual price of the object.


  • The streets of Morocco are very wide. So there is always a risk for the visitor to forget their way. In that situation, you can simply take any one’s help. And avoid the people who ask you to drop you to your place. Consider having a business card of your riad with the address mention on it. This will make easy for you to find your way by yourself.


  • Avoid interacting with the people there. And if you are in cab then refuse to allow any other passenger with you unless it is shared cab. It can be bad for you. And never let anyone there to be your friend.


  • In Morocco, non muslims are prohibited to enter mosques.


  • “Cat calling”, the common issue of the female visitors. You will see here many people staring at you and chasing you and doing the disgusting comments. So just chill, simply walk out and ignore what they say.


  • Alcohol is not common there, so you will not see night clubs and bars there. If you want to drink then you can simply order it in your riad or in a restaurant.


Morocco is a beautiful country, where you have so much to learn and explore, just keep above mentioned things in your mind during your journey, to make your trip full of amazing moments. If you hire a professional guide with you, it will facilitate you to have your Morocco holiday package at the best price.

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