Marrakech vs Casablanca- which do you prefer?

Marrakech vs Casablanca- which do you prefer?

There is nothing to worry about when you are planning your private Morocco travel tours because adventure is in the every corner of this country. Gardens, museums, Mosques, historic monuments, lakes, mountains, and their souks have always been a major topic of discussion amongst people.

If we talk about the specific places, then each destination has its own adventure level. And each city of Morocco has a diverse culture and many things to explore. So you will equally get enjoyed in every city of Morocco, or we can say your enjoyment level also depends on your personal choices. If you are the kind of person who loves to stroll in the crowded souks then Marrakech is the best place to include in your trip. And if you want to spend some time in a peaceful place in a metropolitan area, then Casablanca is the best.

But Marrakech and Casablanca both are the more desired places amongst tourists and they all curiously want to explore new things about both these cities.

This article covers all the tourist attractions of both the places and top things that you can perform there in your affordable Morocco tours.

Let’s start with Marrakech –

Just imagine the city with full of adventure, crowd and happening streets. Marrakech is exactly what maximum tourists are looking for.

It is especially known for its amazing souks, beautiful gardens, palaces and Mosques and the most popular Jema el-Fnaa square, which are the best examples of adventurous and happening places.

Below we have mentioned some worth visiting attractions of Marrakech which you can include in your best Morocco private tours

  • Jemaa el-Fna – this is the most crowded place where you can have an amusing experience, also known as the heart of the old town. The road here you will see full of entertainers along with snake charmers, tattoo artists and food stalls. Fresh orange juice is the best and common drink in this area. The best activity you can do here is strolling in the streets of colourful amazing markets. And must try to buy their traditional objects at the affordable price by using your haggling skills.


  • Majorelle Garden – if you love spending time in nature with peace then gardens are the best source, majorelle garden is the result of an extreme hard work and creativity of a French painter, “Jacques Majorelle”. Perfect place to get relaxed from the crowded roads of Marrakech. Here you will see beautiful blooming flowers and total 300 species of plants.


  • Koutoubia Mosque – the largest mosque in Marrakech and also the best example of great architecture, located nearby the Jema el-Fnaa square. You can take a relieved sigh by hearing the call to prayer performed by the devotees five times a day. The important point to be noted is Non –Muslims have been strictly prohibited to enter the mosque. But don’t worry that doesn’t mean that you will be deprived of spending time in the religious environment. You can walk all around the Mosque and at the backside, you will see some beautiful gardens there which are worth to visit.


  • Visit Hammams – if you love to spend a relaxing time in spas, and bath houses then Hammam is good to go option for you. You will get steamed and massage here and can enjoy spa and bathing services. This place is also best for socializing with people. You can either prefer local or tourists’ hammams. If you are a first timer there, then we strongly recommend you to go for tourists’ hammams as you will feel more comfortable there because the services there are specially offered for the convenience of tourists.


  • Dar Si Said Museum of Moroccan Arts and Crafts – this museum is the best source of knowing the Moroccan history by viewing the amazing collection of pottery artifacts, Berber jewellery, silver, leather, marbles, carpets, Moroccan doors and frames etc. These things reflect their history as well as their local architectural styles.


That all for now, above mentioned are some of the popular and best destinations of Marrakech which are worth to visit in your private Morocco travel tours, we know that your mind is now filled with amazing imaginations and pictures of Marrakech, but hold on, this article still remains the adventurous journey of another city of Morocco – Casablanca.

Some of the top attractions of Casablanca are mentioned below, have a look –

Hassan II Mosque – this mosque is the second largest Mosque in the World, this speciality has made this mosque most popular amongst visitors. It also has the world’s tallest minaret, the best part is non Muslim visitors are allowed to enter this Mosque and you can also see more than 25,000 devotees worshipping there at the same time in the prayer hall.

Place Mohammed V – this place is the perfect to view the daily life of the city, official buildings, banks, post offices, beautiful gardens are the major attractions of this place. You can here enjoy a strolling time, especially in the evenings. And don’t forget to stroll around the beautiful central fountain of this place.

Central Market – must enjoy a shopping time there and buy the best products of Moroccan culture. The crowd here is mainly of the housewives bargaining at the vegetables and grocery shops. Overall, this colourful market has a photogenic atmosphere, so surely capture this environment on your camera. The best things which you can buy here is the plastic bowls and Morocco’s famous slippers. And always show off your bargain skills in the markets of Morocco, so that you can buy the products according to your budget in your affordable Morocco tours.

Museum of Moroccan Judaism – the thing which has differentiated this museum from others is that this is the only museum that reflects the Judaism religion. That is why it is fully worth to visit. Here you can explore the Jewish culture and their history.

Morocco Mall – the best place for having some modern shopping experience. This mall is also considered as the biggest in Africa, you can purchase here whatever you want but prices are fixed, here you have to forget your haggling skills for a while.

Marrakech and Casablanca, if we talk about which one is better then both the cities are worth to visit in their own way. If you want to stroll in the crowded streets in a happening environment, then go for Marrakech, if you want to spend some time in a peaceful environment then Casablanca is best to include in your best Morocco private tours.

The main thing which is note able is that Casablanca is full of the business environment and is an industrial city, so some visitors might take it as a drawback of this place but some may like the peaceful and elegant environment.

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