How you will visit Morocco in just 3 days?

How you will visit Morocco in just 3 days?

Have you chosen Morocco as your travel destination?

Well, it is quite obvious to prefer this country as your travel destination.

The reason you can ask from anyone! Because everyone is aware of the beauty of this place.

So planning the Morocco trip of only 3 days is something quite difficult because Morocco has so much to see, explore and enjoy. And doing everything in just 3 days is not possible, so don’t even try to visit each popular destination of Morocco. As you have only a limited period of time. But if you do that, then you will feel your trip as a task to fulfill and your trip will be ruined. So, the decision is yours, better is to simply and calmly enjoy your time by choosing the limited destinations in your Vacation tours to Morocco.

Till now, we have mentioned only negative points about this short duration of the trip. But do you know, there is a bit positivity too in this.

A journey of short duration arouses curiosity in people to visit again the particular country next time, to cover more places in their trip. So, this is also a good thing. Isn’t it?

And if we talk about how to spend the 3 days trip, so no need to worry, this article is all about to explain the tips and tricks to follow during your journey so that you can get the most of your Morocco trip in just 3 days.

First of all, when travelling around Morocco, always remember to choose the destinations which are not too much far from each other, otherwise the maximum of your time will be consumed in travelling only. So, plan your journey accordingly.

Below we are sharing some lists of the destinations which you can choose to visit when travel around Morocco, including these cities in your morocco vacation packages will surely make your trip worth.

Day 1 (Fes, Casablanca, Rabat)

You can start your trip to reach the tanneries of Fes, which is one of the most popular places amongst tourists, you can spend here enough time to explore the leather making process and see how men dye the leather and put in the large pits. This process contains several steps that you can only get to know by visiting there. Apart from that, you can see many cafes and restaurants in this area, so surely take your rest there and enjoy a cup of tasty mint tea to give yourself a refreshing feeling.

After that, move to Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque, located near the Atlantic Ocean. Don’t ever miss this opportunity to visit such a mosque which is the only one in which non-Muslims are allowed to enter. The walls and exterior is amazing and is completed with one of the tallest minarets in the world. So you will surely like the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere of this mosque.

Then continue your trip to reach the most popular Kasbah of the Oudaias in Rabat. You can simply explore the culture of the area by strolling in the local streets and by meeting several residents, you can also interact with them to know more about these people. And there Andalusian gardens in the fortress complex are worth to see.

The best and convenient way to reach all these places is by car. The time duration between fes to Casablanca is around 3 hours, and between Casablanca to Rabat, it will take approx 1 hour to reach.

Day 2 (Rabat, Tangier, Chefchaouen)

Start your morning by giving yourself a refreshing touch with the “central park of Rabat”, you will see there Eucalyptus trees all around, which are mainly known for their oil, timber and gum.

After that, you can head to the Tangier, where you can visit multiple places, but one of the most famous places is the Kasbah museum. If you are a history lover and a good explorer, then visiting the Kasbah museum is definitely your kind of thing. There you will see a tremendous collection of artifacts that reflects the city’s history and their culture. And its “Fes Room” is a must-to visit, you will surely like it because of its interesting ceramics and illustrated manuscripts.

Last, but not least you can end up your day beautifully in the streets of Chefchaouen, the blue city of Morocco, where all the buildings are painted with bright blue color. The best way to enjoy your time at this place is by just strolling in the local streets of the city. Surely visit its Medina, which is the shopping paradise of this town. You will never see a heavy crowd there, so it will be a quite relaxing experience for you. The best you can buy is their tradition objects. And yes, don’t miss to buy their local leather products.

Visiting all these places in a day is not much difficult task for you, as the time duration between all these 3 cities are approx 2 hours only, so you can easily visit there without any hassle. But if still, it is difficult for you to visit these three cities in one go, so you can skip any one of them.

Day 3 (Chefchaouen, Meknes, Asilah)

Let’s try to do something adventurous on the last day of your vacation tours to Morocco, you can hike the Rif Mountains located in Chefchaouen. This mountain is not as much popular as the Atlas Mountains, but still, you will enjoy there. The peak is 6500 feet above. You can hire a professional guide for trekking. The popular trek of “Talasemtane National Park” is highly recommended.

Visit the Museum of Moroccan art in Meknes, built in the year 1882 which was a residence of a Jamai family and converted into the Museum afterward in the year 1920. The museum reflects the culture and tradition of the region.

Your evening time will become the most memorable at the Cuevas beach of Asilah. Its beautiful resorts are the most famous. The best activity you can do here is simply walking along the shores.

The approximate time duration is 2 to 3 hours between all these destinations.

In this way, your trip can be completed amazingly within limited time duration. We also recommend you, to must hire a good travel agent who can provide you the best Morocco vacation packages.

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