How you can visit Morocco within one week of time ?

How you can visit Morocco within one week of time ?

One week, do you think it’s enough time to cover the maximum attractions of Morocco?

Absolutely no, so don’t try to cover all the tourist destinations of Morocco in just one week, as it is not possible, if you try to do so, you will not get your own time to explore and enjoy the atmosphere of this destination.

So there is no point in covering the maximum cities of Morocco, without enjoying anywhere, because we always plan our trip to enjoy our time, not to ruin it. So better is to travel slowly and calmly to explore more about the country.

Plan your trip in a way in which you can easily cover some of the best cities in Morocco and can easily spend enough time in each of them. Here the question is which cities to choose to visit in your private and custom tours to Morocco ?

If this same question is in your mind, then here we are, to answer your query.

We suggest you to include Casablanca, Chefchaouen, Fes, Sahara Desert, and Marrakech in your planning list, as these are one of the most popular cities of Morocco in which every traveler have best experiences. You will surely like these places. And the best part is, the distances between all these cities are a maximum of 3 to 4 hours, so it can be easy for you to reach every city and to enjoy your Morocco holiday package at the best price.

Day 1, Casablanca

The Hassan II Mosque is the best you can visit here as this is the second largest mosque in the whole world, built in the year 1990, its architectural beauty is remarkable for all. So you will surely love the honor of visiting such a place. You can spend your whole day in this city, next you can visit to view the Place Mohammed V, which is especially known for its buildings of amazing architecture and the palm trees. Next, you can reach the most famous Royal palace, whose discussions are never-ending among the tourists, all because of the amazing beauty of the building, though travelers are not allowed to enter the palace but still you can have the photogenic views of the palace from its entrance gate. Also, make your visit to reach the museum of Moroccan Judaism, even we found it necessary to include this place in your journey because this is the only museum which contains the overall information regarding Jewish population and their culture, so here you will get to know the interesting facts about the nation’s Jewish history.

Day 2, Chefchaouen

Head to this blue city in your tours and holidays to Morocco, where you can have the most photogenic views of the country, all because of the buildings which are fully painted in bright blue color. Do you know the fact behind these blue colored buildings? Well, people have different perceptions, some says that this blue color keeps mosquitoes away from houses and others say that Jews painted the buildings in blue color in the year 1930 for protection from Hitler. No matter what’s the truth is, what matters is, the uniqueness and beauty of this town. You will surely find one day very less to spend in this wonderful city because of the pleasant experiences you will get there. There you will see some shops as well, where you can explore the amazing objects of the place. You can also turn your journey to reach the Rif Mountains and enjoy trekking there passing through the admirable views of nature. This activity will consume the maximum of your time, so only perform this if you are really interested to do. Otherwise, you can skip this and continue the journey to reach the other tourist attractions of Chefchaouen like Kasbah museum, Grand mosque and visit the waterfalls of Ras el-Ma.

Day 3 and 4, Fes

You can roam in the old medina, as this the most popular activity which you can enjoy in your private and custom tours to Morocco. This area has so much to see and explore that is why we recommend you, to hire a professional guide so that he can take you to the best locations in the area. After that don’t miss the opportunity to visit the leather tannery of Fes, here you will get to know the actual process of making leather and will see how these animals’ skins are dyed traditionally. You will surely find it interesting to spend some time there. Then make your visit to Dar Batha, it is a museum where wood carvings, embroideries, jewelries and ironworks are the major attractions for tourists, all because of the endless creativity which reflects from these objects.

Next day, you can start your tour by visiting the most admirable garden of the area, “Jnan sbil”, which is especially known for its peaceful and attractive appearance, all you can do here is, enjoy some time near the lake and feel the sounds of birds here, it will surely give you a refreshing and relaxed experience by getting far away from the crowdy and noisy medina. Then reach the Borj Nord arms museum, you will surely get an exciting experience by seeing the tremendous collection of weapons all around.  After that, go for carpet shopping which is the most common activity and is enjoyed by almost every tourist in Morocco. The amazing collection of handmade carpets you will see there, which will surely tend you to buy them.

Day 5 and 6, Merzouga

Start your day with a camel ride there, it gives a lovely experience to all the tourists. Next you can also take a 4*4 ride and can explore the whole desert which is surrounded by numerous villages, you can hold your ride at the nomad tents and other villages to spend some quality time there, as people are very friendly in Morocco so you will surely find some people who will warmly welcome you to their houses and will offer you amazing dishes. Then make your visit to reach the “village of the blacks”, where you will see black Berber people, and you will enjoy some time with them by listening to their traditional music. You can also head to the oasis of Merzouga, located in the Erg Chebbi dunes. There is also a traditional market in Rissani, this town is in the distance of approx 42km from Merzouga, many interesting and unique things you will see there. You can stay at the luxury camp of Sahara, from where you can easily see the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset.

Day 7, Marrakech

Last, but not least, Marrakech. You just can’t miss the stunning views of the city. Though one day is very less to explore all the attractions of the city, but still we have created a list so that you can easily reach each destination. First, you can start your day by reaching the Majorelle garden to experience the fresh environment of greenery all around, next you can head to the Bahia palace which was built in the late 19th century. The overall interior is worth watching and it is the best example of Moroccan architecture. Next, you can visit the most famous Koutoubia mosque, which is considered as one of the largest mosque. Now give your trip a refreshing turn by visiting the Hammams, where you can have the steam baths and massages, the hammam, “De La Rose” is perfect to visit in the city. After that, spend your time in the evening by visiting the Jema el-Fnaa, the major attraction of Marrakech, located at the heart of Medina. After reaching there, you will be surrounded by snake charmers, entertainers, and artists all around. It will be the most happening experience of yours by roaming in the noisy streets and don’t forget to taste their yummiest street food.

And in this way, you will end up your 7 days of tours and holidays to Morocco. Quite exciting, huh? So don’t waste your time in just wondering about how to cover your 7 days trip, here’s the full guide of your journey. Remembering this schedule will let you to have enough time to enjoy in each city. Hope you like this arrangement!

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