How to travel safely in Morocco

How to travel safely in Morocco

Safety is in the priority list of every traveler. Though Morocco is one of the safest country, despite of the fact that it is conservative too. Its safety feature is also one of the best factor that attracts maximum visitors towards the country.

Still some people are having misconceptions about the country regarding its safety issue.

We can solve your confusion by giving just one example, do you know last year how many people visited in Morocco?

Its 10 Million!

Yes, think yourself, if a country is this much popular amongst tourists, then how can it be dangerous? People would not like to visit any harmful place. Maximum people are willing to visit this amazing destination and maximum are having great experience in their trip to Morocco.

Hence proved!

Morocco is a safe country, but still you need to be alert and consider some points to enjoy its safest environment because crimes can happen anywhere in the World.

Don’t worry, there is no hard and fast rule to be followed. Some basic points are needed to remember always when having your private and custom tours to Morocco.

  • Avoid walking alone especially at night- if you are in the crowded area, then no need to worry, but if you are in a deserted area, then you need to be alert. We recommend you to avoid the situation of walking alone in the streets at night. And if you are a female, then chances of getting trapped is hundred times more. As females are most likely to be followed by wrong people. That means you are required to be alert at least hundred times more if you are a female.


  • Dress appropriately and conservatively – if you want to keep yourself out from any unwanted situation and to avoid attention of wrong people, then dress yourself accordingly. We suggest you to wear full sleeve clothes and loose fitted pants. Avoid backless tops and if want to wear skirts, then it should be long.


  • Avoid wearing fancy and heavy jewellery in your tours and holidays to Morocco – as this increases your chance to get robbed, because wearing heavy jewelries are the sign of wealth. And this also appears the invitation to the scammers towards you. This tip is for both men and women.


  • Don’t carry valuable stuffs with you, as it can be dangerous. You are most likely to fell prey to pickpockets. Don’t carry large amounts with you and also avoid carrying your passport with you while you are roaming in the streets of Morocco.


  • Learn to say “no” – if you feel that someone is following you and wants to interact with you or offering you something, that learn to say clearly no to them. As this can be a sign of scamming. They can divert you and can convince you to be trapped in their plan. So don’t hesitate to avoid these people and simply walk away.


  • Avoid tour guides – beware of the people who are naming themselves a tour guide. And if they are not charging any money, then its definitely a scam. Because maximum tourists can get attract towards them if they says that they are not charging any money, but its all fake. They want to get you in their shops, after that for every service, they surely will ask for money. So avoid to be in that kind of situation, you can approach your hotel or riad in which you are staying, they are genuine, they can help you out in providing you tourist guide.


  • Do you know what’s the most common problem there? If you not settle the price for taxis before getting in, then they suddenly demand high price when you reach at your destination. So better is to negotiate the price first when taking taxi.


  • Vaccinations – there is no such requirement of vaccinations to enter in Morocco, as it is in one of the safest countries in health concerns. But still, polio, tetanus vaccines, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are highly recommended to avoid any issue regarding your health, because better is to always be in a safer side.


  • Hygiene of food and water is also must-be taken care of, we are not trying to blame all the local street foods of Morocco, our concern is to aware you of the fact that it is not sure, that the way food has cooked is convenient for your stomach and overall health. So you need to consider this point that you may suffer from stomach issues if the food not suits your health. For your convenience, we are sharing some places name so that your trip would not get ruined because of your digestive issues. “Jemaa el-Fnaa” in Marrakech, “Port” in Agadir and “Skala du port” in Essaouira are the best and reknowned places where you can have the best and safest street food.


  • Learn some basic Arabic and French phrases before planning your private and custom tours to Morocco, as people there are mostly speak these languages, so it will be convenient for you to interact with them easily. If someone is chasing you, so you can simply say “no , thank you” to them in their native language. Or if you are in the market, and looking to purchase anything, then you need to learn some haggling skills, and you have to speak their native language during haggling, so that they can understand. there is nothing difficult to learn basics of these languages. You can simply view an online tutorial on youtube or any other network. It will be easy for everyone.


  • Avoid eye contact with them.


  • Avoid smoking and drinking in the country, its not legal there. If you want to do so, then you can get all the facilities in the hotel in which you are staying. So it might be possible that they can provide drinks to you.


  • Road safety – this is the one of the common concerns in Morocco, and frankly, it is the common concern of almost every country. So better is to be alert when you are driving


These all are the perfect tips to follow for everyone. As we discussed in the starting of article, there is nothing wrong and dangerous in this country. As this has been analyzed that Morocco is in the topmost list of maximum people over the World. Above mentioned tips are not just for the same country, crimes can occur everywhere, some where it is seen less and some where are more, you only need to do is to be alert to be safe in your tours and holidays to Morocco.

One important tip is also we want to share, is that if any miss-happening occurs with you in any case, then don’t worry, you can simply dial 19 in the urban areas, and 177 in the rural areas, for any kind of police assistance. We understand that might be remembering the digits at the problematic situation can be difficult, but remember one thing, you can simply take help with your hotel for information regarding the police helpline numbers and their addresses.

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