How newly married couple will spend their honeymoon in Morocco ?

How newly married couple will spend their honeymoon in Morocco ?

Morocco is undoubtedly in the list of maximum travelers. This destination offers everything, which a traveler expects from his trip. Now, the common question arises, is this destination equally worth to spend your honeymoon trip?

We will not directly answer this question right now, during reading the article, you will surely get to know about it.

Just think, what would be your biggest expectation from your honeymoon destination?

We know everyone has different expectations and demands, but commonly people desire of romantic and peaceful environment, now it depends on the couples where they want to spend their maximum time. Some like beaches, some like gardens, some mountains, and many more opinions are there.

Now think about Morocco, there is nothing which this country does not have.

Let’s elaborate it in detail, below mentioned are some places which are must-to include In your honeymoon trip to Morocco –

  • Sahara Desert – the best part about deserts in Morocco is couples can enjoy their “alone” time together. There is no crowd and hassle around. A romantic dinner at the dunes along with soft music under the beautiful sky is the best which almost every couple would love to have. And the best part is nights are cooler than days in the Sahara desert, so you can enjoy the bonfire together. And the sunset view is the most adorable scene, which must capture in your camera and in your memories. Early morning, the sunrise view is also unforgettable, you will closely watch the changing colors of the sun from orange to red to yellow and so on. Apart from all that, don’t miss the most popular activity, camel riding. If you have ever done this before, then surely you will like it, but if it is your first time, then also you will love to have an adventurous experience. So overall, visiting Sahara is a great idea to include in your private Morocco travel tours.


  • Atlas Mountains – imagine yourself in the colorful valleys of the atlas region, snow capped mountains, greeneries and beautiful flowers all around. No one could ever miss this opportunity of visiting such a lovely place, especially on the honeymoon trip. If you like trekking activity, then surely go for it. You can climb the highest peak of the Atlas Mountains – Mount Toubkal, passing through the Imlil village. You can take short breaks during your trekking journey, Berber villages are the best where you can hold for some time and also there are many restaurants from where you can take snacks and refreshments during your journey. So, the atmosphere which you will see around you is perfectly suited as a honeymoon destination. Here you will experience both adventure and peace in your private and custom tours to Morocco.


  • Beaches – when travel around Morocco, visit their beaches which are the perfect view as a honeymoon spot. How many of you have imagined yourself with your partner, walking on a beach, hand in hand? We are sure, maximum of you! So get your dream come true with this amazing country. Head to Agadir, Essaouira, Tangier, Safi where you can have an excellent view of beaches. You can also book the resorts at the seaside, where you can spend your quality time. You can also turn your mood into the adventure zone by participating in water sports on the beaches.


  • Marrakech – the first thing comes in almost everyone’s mind is “shopping” after hearing of Marrakech city, because it is especially known as the shopping paradise. So, shopaholics, be ready for having an amazing time in the souks of Marrakech where you can see and buy the best creative objects like jewelries, clothes, leather bags, Berber baskets, Green Glass, soaps, spices etc. If you want to enjoy the environment of souks in a full mode, then surely head to Djema-el-Fna, the most happening and crowded square. Snake charmers, dancers, and entertainers you will see there all around. Apart from that, if you are a food lover, then street food is the best you can get here. Must try their Tagine dish, which is the most popular and yummiest dish of Morocco. You will get a unique and yummy flavor in the Moroccan dishes. For exploring more about their cooking culture, you can also join the cooking classes in Morocco, so that whenever your honeymoon trip ends you can still take the Moroccan flavor with you in your home country. So keep Marrakech as your topmost destination in the list of private Morocco travel tours.


  • Chefchaouen – when traveling around Morocco, then surely visit this blue city, where every building you will see in a bright blue color. Situated near the Rif mountains, so considered as the best romantic spot where you can have a long walk together in the peaceful roads. There are many cafes in the city where you can have your snacks and meals. And for more romantic appealing, you can head to the waterfall of Ras El Maa, where you will see the photogenic views of nature.


All the above are the romantic destinations that can increase your joy of Honeymoon. So must consider these places while having your private and custom tours to Morocco.

Though the whole year is best to have a visit in Morocco, but if we talk about the Honeymoon trip, then consider making your visit in the months of March, April, September and October, as these are the best months in terms of climate specifically. And also remember to book your trip in advance as this is the peak time in which maximum tourists visit.

And some of the best accommodation options are Riad papillon, Riad Maizie, Logis la Marine, Beldi country club, Mazagan beach resort, Royal Mansour etc.

That’s all from our side guys, hope nothing is left now, so don’t waste your time, pack your bags and let’s make a good start of your life by choosing Morocco as your honeymoon destination, this country will never let your expectations down. Whether you are a food lover, or adventurous, peace lover, or shopaholic, Morocco has perfect arrangements for every mood. That is why we recommend to every couple for considering this amazing destination as your honeymoon spot and to create numerous memories for a lifetime. Hope this article is helpful enough for you in proving Morocco fully worth as your upcoming honeymoon destination.

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