How Morocco visit will amaze you and your family ?
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How Morocco visit will amaze you and your family ?

It is not surprising that Morocco is an amazing destination to visit.

Actually, it’s not our statement!

It is said by the numerous visitors, who make their trip to morocco almost every year only to see the beauty of the place. Their cities, gardens, monuments, palaces, beaches, deserts are the only reason behind the successful tourism of this country.

Every traveler has its own specific reason for travelling, some want to explore a new culture, some want to explore new people, some want to feel a new atmosphere or some just want to have fun on their trip by doing adventurous activities.

And the best part is, Morocco live ups to the expectations of all.

To explain a little bit about the fact that how Morocco is worth to include in your travel list, this article is written.

The first and the major reason is that this country is equally suited for the couple as well as even family trips, which means people of all ages find this country equally interesting and adventurous. So, nobody returns disappointed. This is the most amazing part of planning private Morocco travel tours.

Below mentioned are some worth-visiting places of Morocco, along with the reasons that, why they are considered as best.

Marrakech – this is one of the most preferred locations of tourists, they love to stroll in the souks of the medina, in spite of the fact, that it is very crowded, all because of its liveliness in the atmosphere all around. Djema el Fna, it is an unforgettable name for the visitors. Everyone should at least visit there once while having their trip to Morocco. You will see snake charmers, entertainers, singers, dancers and shopkeepers all around. There is a lot to do and see there. You can explore their culture by having a view of their objects and also through interaction with the local people as well. And must try their street food, their street cuisines are far better than the restaurant dishes, so it is worth to try.

But the only thing which is needed to think, at least twice, that if you love to spend time in crowded places, then you will surely love the experience. But if you are not comfortable in the noisy streets, then avoid visiting there.

Ouarzazate – if you love to view the desert scenes in real, then Ouarzazate will surely make you feel like your dream comes true. This place has been used many times for shooting Hollywood movies. Maximum of the people get attract to it since it is a shooting place for the movies and the other reason is its Arabic view which has made this place a perfect spot for clicking pictures. The best tourist point of this city is the “Atlas film studios” where films like the “kingdom of heaven” and “Cleopatra” were shot. Also visit the Ait ben hoddaou which is very close to the city, where “Lawrence of Arabia” has been shot.

So, overall it is the shooting hub of Morocco, where maximum tourists are excited to visit. You will get tremendous opportunities for exploring. So, when traveling around Morocco, including this city is a great idea.

Casablanca – all you can view here is the breathtaking view of the French colonial designed buildings. Tourists consider this place as a perfect view of the town. Hassan II Mosque is the most admirable religious place and the only mosque in which non-muslims can also enter. Apart from that, this town is also known for its awesome food, so must try.

Rabat – strolling in the local streets of the Kasbah of the Oudaias is the best activity to perform here. The interesting part is you will see many houses there painted in blue and white color, which is a beautiful view of the area. And also take a long walk around the Andalusian gardens. Its good atmosphere and amazing beaches will drive you crazy. So, don’t miss to include this city in your Morocco itinerary.

Chefchaouen – when traveling around Morocco, take a tour of the blue city, where buildings are painted in bright blue color. If you are a solo traveler, then just carry a camera with you because here you will get many photogenic views of the city, so you can capture the amazing scenes while walking. If you enjoy shopping, then this city has arrangements for that too!

The medina of Chefchaouen is the shopping paradise for visitors where you can see and buy their traditional objects like clothes, leather, jewelry, etc. if you visit the river side area, then you will be aware of the daily life of its local people. After that, you can head to the old Kasbah to visit the Grand Mosque.

Sahara Desert – the most amazing and interesting experience you will have in your private and custom tours to Morocco is, visiting the Sahara desert. Each activity here is the hot topic of discussions between maximum people. Whether we talk about their sunrise or sunset views, camel safari, their amazing dunes, beautiful sky with shiny stars, or camping experience, travelers are in love with everything here. We recommend you to spend at least a few days here to experience all these in real. This place is also best for the exploring purpose, you can interact with their locals to know about their culture and daily routines. You will also find many nomads there, so don’t forget to interact with them as knowing their lifestyles in real is a great opportunity for visitors in their private Morocco travel tours.

High Atlas Mountains – adventurers love this opportunity to hike the tallest mountain in the country “Jbel Toubkal” which is 4,167 meters high and is the part of High Atlas Mountains. Take a tourist guide with you to plan a hiking tour to the mountain. You will be passed by the national park so you can hold there for some time to have an interesting view of their wildlife.

Hope you are curious enough to know more about this place, we recommend you to plan your trip to Morocco soon to experience all this in real.

So, whether you are planning to visit solo, couple, or visiting with your family, all the above mentioned places of Morocco are perfectly suited for every kind of traveler, you can choose any destination in your private and custom tours to Morocco according to your choices and preferences. We bet, that you won’t regret your decision to choose Morocco as your travel destination.

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