Celebration of New Year Eve at Marrakech and the Sahara Desert of Morocco

Celebration of New Year Eve at Marrakech and the Sahara Desert of Morocco

Morocco always makes a festive feeling amongst tourists by its beautiful arrangements and services. Now, imagine, how wonderful it would be if you visit at the time of the festival there.

You will see a lively and wonderful environment in the country throughout every New Year eve, so if you want to enjoy the most in this upcoming New Year festival, then plan your holiday trip to Morocco.

No matter which type of celebration you are looking for. Whether you want to have an amazing dinner party at the hotel or whether you are looking to enjoy your time in a pub or lounge. Morocco lives up to the expectation of every tourist. Though the celebration of New Year is always great in each country, but we assure you, that Morocco is not less!

This article is written to explain to you which city to choose in your tours and holidays to Morocco for spending the New Year Eve and, some best spots where you can have a good time. And also will make you aware of the total expense and budget to plan before making your trip to Morocco.

To celebrate any festival, we always expect a happening place where we can see, and interact with the maximum people around us. Marrakech and the Sahara Desert, these two are those popular places in Morocco, where you can see a lively environment during the whole year. Colorful souks, beautiful gardens, monuments, temples and tastiest street foods are the best attractions in Marrakech. And amazing surroundings with cold breeze, sunset and sunrise views and camel riding are the major attractions in the Sahara. These lovable and interesting activities are major reason behind the popularity of these places.

So just think, if ordinary days are so exciting and loved by the tourists then how amazing it would be for the tourists to celebrate the exciting New Year Eve there.

Listed below are some best spots which are worth to include in your private and custom tours to Morocco, where you can spend your New Year Eve amazingly, so you can choose any of them according to your celebration mood.

Live music and countdown at Azar

If you are in a mood to spend a pleasant time with your family, then this is the perfect place for family gathering. This place has full arrangements for the entertainment of visitors. You can enjoy your meal along with the soft live music around, you will also be offered an amazing belly dance show, which you will surely like it. If we talk about the total expense, then it is around MAD 1900 per person.


This New Year, you can give yourself a unique touch at hotel Selman in Marrakech which has a unique forest theme for visitors, this theme will make you feel that you are actually in a forest which is having a sophisticated dining and interior. You will enjoy your meal here with soft live music. The cost here is MAD 3900 per person, but we assure you that this cost is fully worth here.


This place offers a live band with professional singers along with a pleasant dinner, to make this festive eve exciting, surely visit there. The cost is MAD 1350 per head.

Camptoir Darna

If you are looking for some party environment with drinks and dance, then this place is amazingly perfect for you. You will also be entertained by the dancers, musicians and many other performances. Also, you can have the yummiest dinner here. so visiting here is fully worth at the time of New Year with the cost of MAD 2400 per person.

Palais Aziza

If you want to celebrate this New Year calmly and peacefully, then this place is best suited. Here you will have the delicious food at dinner, vegetarian food options are also available. You can also book a stay there. Charges of the menu are MAD 2300 per person.

Ling Ling

One of the most popular restaurants in Marrakech, where you can spend your beautiful New Year Eve. The lavish architecture and dining will surely amaze you. The most delicious meal will be offered to you along with the beautiful and calm environment created by the soft live music. The cost per head here is MAD 2880.

Hope you will be now able to choose your perfect place to celebrate this New Year at Marrakech. Now have a look, what activities you can do in the Sahara desert to celebrate this New Year.

The experience of travelers in the Sahara Desert is always amazing whether you visit here at any time of the year. Camping under the stars is always been the best idea to do in the trip. In New Year Eve, this place turns into an amazing lively environment. If you are looking to celebrate this evening peacefully, then the Sahara Desert is fully worth to come first to your mind.

You can enjoy this beautiful moment under the stars along with the cold breeze, with a delicious meal. You will be entertained by the traditional music whole night.

Also, you can go for an adventurous camel ride on the dunes. And don’t miss to visit the nomadic tents, to interact with these nomads for knowing more about their life and culture. You can spend your night in these tents, or can also choose a luxury camp.

And for couples, candlelight dinner under the sky is the most suitable activity to include in your tours and holidays to Morocco.

Hope, you now realized that Morocco is the destination perfectly suited for people of every mood, whether you are a peace lover or a party lover. Morocco doesn’t let your expectations down.

So, whenever plan your private and custom tours to Morocco, especially at the time of the New Year celebration, we highly recommend you to include Marrakech and the Sahara Desert in your bucket list. As these both are the most popular places in Morocco, so here the celebration goes to a bit higher level than other cities of Morocco.

Aren’t you excited?

Hurry up guys, pack your bags and book your trip to Morocco to enjoy this festive time.

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