Can we say Morocco is the paradise of foodies?

Can we say Morocco is the paradise of foodies?

Imagine that you are sitting in the pleasant surroundings, holding a cup of sweet mint tea and enjoying the yummiest meals of the innovative flavors of different cultures. Tempting, right?

Morocco is the most popular destination amongst tourists, all because of its yummiest dishes which reflect the diverse cultures of the country, like – Berber, Arab, Spanish, Muslim, and French. These cultures spread the captivating taste to the dishes. These amazing tastes are the only reason that maximum visitors like to spend the maximum of their time in the cafes and restaurants of the country rather than any other places in their best Morocco private tours.

If you are a food lover, then this article will surely amaze you by providing the deep information of the Moroccan cuisines and their ingredients, and will also tend you to realize at the end of this article, that Morocco is, actually a paradise for foodies.

As there are a variety of dishes you can taste in this country and if you are non-vegetarians, then good news for you, Morocco offers the variety of amazing non vegetarian dishes as well. Majorly, their beef and lamb is outstanding in the quality of taste. And if we talk about one by one, then below mentioned are some lists of popular Moroccan dishes, which are worth to try in your private Morocco travel tours. We have mentioned some ingredients as well, so that you can be aware of the recipe of these popular dishes of Morocco.

  • Couscous salad – one of the most admiring dishes of Morocco, made of cumin, ginger, cloves, yellow, green, and red pepper, cardamom, coriander, olive oil, red onion, golden raisins, orange, salt, beans, chicken broth, cheese, mint and oregano. The mixture of all the ingredients makes an incredible flavor that can steal anyone’s heart.


  • Harira soup – this is another popular dish loved by almost every tourist as well as the local people of Morocco. Majorly this dish is eaten by every muslim as a first dish to break their fast. The taste is amazing and the best part is, it tastes good, either you have it with or without meat.


  • Tagine – this is the most interesting dish, can be cooked with or without meat. Ingredients include vegetables, fruits, spices, meat and fish.


  • Taktouka – we can call it as a cooked salad, which tastes very delicious. Ingredients include – garlic, vegetables, and olive oil.


  • Chebakia – it is a popular sweet dish of Morocco made up of flour, yeast, egg, vinegar, butter, olive oil, turmeric, cinnamon, saffron, salt, honey, sesame seeds, and orange juice.


As there are n number of Moroccan cuisines, but these above mentioned are the most admirable dishes of the country, you will surely love it in your affordable Morocco tours. And you don’t need to concerned about the budget, as these are very popular and common dishes of Morocco, so these are easily available in almost every place of the country at affordable cost.

Below we have mentioned some places, which are best known for some specific dishes.

Have a look –

Fez – one of the most visited place by the tourists in their private Morocco travel tours, they love everything about this place, whether we talk about its un-missable attractions like tanneries, museums, markets and historic monuments or whether we talk about the food of this city. If we talk about a particular food, then Camel burgers are the most eaten dish in this city, though this dish is easy to have anywhere in Morocco, but in Fez, the camel burgers are unforgettable.

Tangier – another beautiful city, where you can have a tremendous opportunity as a food lover. the reason behind the popularity of this city is the Berber and Spanish flavored cuisines. The perfect reflection of this culture in the dishes is impossible to get from anywhere in the World. If we talk about the specific cuisines, then apricot tagine, beef, pastilla, and chicken rfissa are one of the best food options here.

Marrakech – obviously, Marrakech can’t get ignored when talking about the famous places of morocco. Djema El Fnaa is the name of the famous market in this city. Where the maximum of the crowd come to taste their delicious food only. The food stalls here are filled with full of crowd, which includes both local people and visitors of Morocco. Prawns, vegetable tagines and Moroccan salads are the specialty of Marrakech. And the best part here is, this is the most popular street in Morocco and you can have their delicious food at an affordable cost.

Chefchaouen – this blue city of Morocco is one of the popular places to spend a good time. Apart from the photogenic views of this city, you can have delicious food options as well. If you love to taste the Spanish flavor, then here you will get lots of opportunities to taste the food of Spanish culture. Here you will see many food stalls offering baked pieces of bread, couscous salads, vegetable, fish etc.

Imlil – located in the high atlas mountains, so here you can feel the amazing atmosphere of cold temperature. “Bissara” is a popular dish here which is the soup of peas. It is the tastiest dish and very helpful to protect you from cold.

Essaouira – it is a fishing town located near Marrakech. So, fish is the major dish in this city, you can see all the variety of fishes here, like sardine sandwiches, stuffed sardines etc. If you love eating fishes, then don’t miss to visit Essaouira to have a wide variety.

Ifrane – known as the Switzerland of Morocco, so the temperature is amazing here during winters, delicious Berber dishes are the most admirable and best known here.

Agadir – this city is known for its beaches. So, seafood is the most popular among tourists. And fish sandwiches, fish tagine, fish couscous are especially worth to try.

Meknes – another imperial city, located near Fez. Moroccan dishes such as chicken, potato tagine, chicken pastille is worth to try here. And don’t miss to have the special Moroccan biscuits with a tasty and sweet mint tea.

Larache – this is also a beach town, situated in northern Morocco and is best to taste the yummiest dishes of fish like tagines, salads, stuff and sandwiches.

Hope this article justifies the statement, that “Morocco is really a paradise for foodies” because here each city is best known for its tastiest cuisines and each city has its own unique culture which directly reflects from its food. So, whenever you plan your best Morocco private tours, don’t forget including these places in your journey from where you can have the best dishes of your choice.

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