Best things to do in Morocco

Best things to do in Morocco

Morocco is a perfect combination of love, adventure, peace and fun. So it is quite obvious that this country is in the list of maximum travelers for visit. But here the common question arises that, what are the top things which you can do there to enjoy in your vacation tours to Morocco.

This article is the perfect answer to your query, so must read till the end!

First of all, decide your specific preferences on your trip to Morocco, hopefully, some will say adventure, some say exploring of new things, some will say to view the beauty of nature, and some will say to taste their yummiest cuisines.

Whatever will be your answer, we assure you that Morocco suits in your all the preferences.

So, after deciding your expectations from your destinations, have a look below to find the top and best things that you can perform in your tours and holidays to Morocco.

We are mentioning below, some cities of Morocco along with the activities you can do there –

Chefchaouen – include this blue city on your Morocco trip, and wander the whole streets. The best you can do there is pick a friend or companion of yours and simply walk in the streets while having gossips. You can also visit there as a solo traveler, we bet you will never get bored. Because there are so many things in each step, like souks, cafes and interactive people. And if you are an adventure lover, then don’t miss the hiking opportunity in the RIF mountains which are situated there.

Essaouira – it’s a fishing town and the best place for crowdy and happening street lovers. Especially Medina, which is the best example of a noisy street. If you are both shopping lovers and good explorer then don’t forget to go for shopping there, you will find many new objects which are good sources to get to know about their culture. And their fish market is the must-see location where you will see the view of blue boats all around with wide ranges of fishes inside. If you step out a little more then you will see the huge market of fish sellers where you can have the best and most fresh pieces of fish.

Tanneries of Fes – if you are fond of exploring new things, then tanneries of Fes is surely your kind of thing. There you will see the whole process of making leather from animals’ skin. You will find it quite interesting. Apart from that, you can also shop for some best leather products there like shoes and bags.

Desert – the desert is best suited for both peace and adventure lovers, you can stay on your luxury camp or simply sit at the dunes enjoy the pleasant weather under the beautiful sky and can also view the sunset and sunrise views which are breathtaking. If you are fun loving then try camel riding there and visit the small villages which are spread all around there.

Legzira Beach – visit the beach in the town to feel the amazing moment. You can also enjoy your strolling time there and have some rest at the hill side cafes and restaurants.

Ait ben haddou – the shooting place, where many famous shows have been shot, the best activity to do here is visiting the Kasbahs of area, you will find it really interesting to have the closest view of the daily lives of local people of Morocco. They also welcome the tourists at their houses, so you can interact with them to know more about their culture, and don’t miss to taste their traditional food.

Marrakech, Jemma-el Fnaa – the best market view ever! Sellers, entertainers, snake charmers, you will see all around you. At first, you might feel this, a hectic place but later on, you will like the atmosphere. Their street food is the best you can have.

Try to learn cooking – learning Moroccan dishes has always been the best idea, visitors love the unique flavor of Moroccan cuisines. So, you can try to learn their cooking style, it will give you a pleasant experience and will also beneficial for you by having the Moroccan flavor after your trip ends.

Hammams – refresh yourself by having the steam baths and massages in the tourist hammams which will give you a relaxing experience and will remove all your tiredness in your trip.

Majorelle gardens – peace lovers, here is your place. This garden is located in the north west of Medina but far away from the noisiness of the city. Colorful blooming flowers you will see all around. The best here you can do is to carry a book with you and enjoy reading it as this is the best place where nothing is going to disturb you.

Yves Saint Laurent – the best place to know about the dressing culture of people there. This museum reflects the excellent works of the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca – good news for the visitors who are especially interested to visit mosques of the country. Visit the Hassan II Mosque, which is one of the famous and largest Mosques in Morocco. Non muslims can also enter to view the extreme beauty of the interior.

Kasbah Museum – situated in Medina, this museum showcases the creativity of all the regions of Morocco through the pottery instruments, rugs etc. this museum was formerly known as the royal palace of the sultan in the 17th century. So here you will get to know the traditions of Morocco.

Above mentioned places are suited for the visitors of all the preferences and choices. So, you can choose whatever cities you want to include in your vacation tours to Morocco.

This was all about the best places to visit and the best activities to enjoy. Now have a look at the best Moroccan dishes to taste there.

  1. Harira soup
  2. Tagine
  3. Couscous
  4. Zalouk
  5. Bastilla
  6. Khobz
  7. Orange juice
  8. Mint tea
  9. Sardines
  10. Chebakia and so on

These are the tastiest dishes of Morocco and are worth to try on your trip.

So must consider this article before planning your trip to have the amazing experience in your tours and holidays to Morocco and to enjoy your morocco holiday package at the best price.

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