Best places to visit Morocco in 2020

Best places to visit Morocco in 2020

The New Year is about to come, have you decided yet which location to choose as your travel destination in next year? Whatever your answer is, your decision will surely get changed, because this article will make up your mind for choosing Morocco as your upcoming travel destination, do you know why? Let’s begin to find out!

This article is specially written to guide you about the top attractions situated in Morocco which are must-to include in your itinerary. Firstly think, what your exact desire is from your travel destination?

Do you want to spend an amusing time or want to explore new things in your private Morocco travel tours? Whatever be your answer, Morocco is perfectly suited for both. No matters if it’s not your first time visiting to Morocco, there is always yet to explore new things about their culture and people.

First of all let us tell you about the specialities of Morocco, which are majorly responsible to attract maximum visitors towards this country –

Their Diverse culture, great architecture of the buildings, mosques and Monuments, beautiful gardens, stunning views of Sahara desert including sunrise and the sunset, amazing and unique flavor of dishes which reflects their culture, and last but not the least, their souks.

These are the major reasons which have made this country the most desirable destination throughout the World.

Now let us start with destinations which are must-to cover in your private Morocco travel tours –

  • Meknes – situated in the north of Morocco, the royal palace is the topmost attraction here for which many tourists visit to see. The best you can visit here is Bab Mansour, Dar jamai museum, Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail etc. And also don’t forget to visit its most popular site – Romans ruins of volubills. All these monuments are the finest examples of Morocco’s great architecture. Pick a camera with you to capture these historic sites.


  • Asilah – if you love to enjoy some time at the beautiful beaches, then asilah must be the first destination to come in your mind, because of its stunning and photogenic seaside views. Try to make your trip during August for having a more amazing experience, as at this time a big celebration of the annual arts festival held every year. Quite interesting, right? So make your tour more interesting by picking this city in your affordable Morocco tours. And also visit its famous art gallery –


  • High Atlas – how to forget of including this mountain region as the topmost destination to visit in your best Morocco private tours! Be ready trekkers, because this mountain offers a wide opportunity for the tourists to enjoy their trekking experiences. Make your trekking tour to reach the tallest peak of the atlas, Mount Toubkal. Hire a professional guide with you so that you can safely reach your goal without any hassle. Apart from that, the excellent views of nature are breathtaking. In your journey, you will pass through some Berber villages, so surely hold there for some time to explore more about their people and culture, you can also have your meal in their houses as they people are very friendly and welcoming, so you will surely love to interact with them, or you can also have your snacks and meal in the restaurant. The overall experience would be loved by everyone, So don’t miss this opportunity to visit Atlas region in your affordable Morocco tours.


  • Essaouira – another beach town in the country. Here you will see the exotic view of the sea. Do you know why this city has become popular in terms of tourism because the famous movie – Game of Thrones was shot there. Apart from that, you can view the Ramparts there, which are also one of the major reasons for tourists to visit this beach city. and don’t forget to enjoy horse riding there, you will surely like it.


  • Chefchaouen – visit this blue city for having a peaceful experience. Here the houses you will see are painted In bright blue and white color. The best part about this town is it is best suited for solo travelers. You will get enjoyed by just walking in the peaceful roads of the city. There are many cafes in the town where you can take rest whenever you want. Also, the soaks are most famous in this area, you can shop for the products you like. And yes, must show off your bargaining skills there to buy your desired product in the justified rate. You can also head to the waterfall of Ras el maa, where you can spend your own time near the wonderful site of nature.


  • Sahara desert – this is one of the most popular destinations throughout the world. Here you can see the actual beauty of nature in its extreme level. Its Sunset and sunrise view is the most popular view all over the world. So always try to arrange atleast 3 to 4 days for spending in this amazing destination. For fun activities, you can have a camel safari group trek and enjoy camping under the beautiful sky of desert.


  • Casablanca – the best attractions of this city is the French colonial designed architecture of the buildings and also the yummiest food. Maximum tourists also visit there to enjoy the nightlife views of the city. The Hassan II Mosque is the most famous mosque here in which non muslims can also enter.


  • Marrakech – how to forget this shopping paradise to include in the list, which is located on the north of the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Surely visit its crowded and lively souks, and also the largest square – Djemma El-Fna where you can see everything you want on your trip. And visit the most famous mosque of this place – the Koutoubia Mosque. In short, this city has everything that a traveler wants to see and enjoy in his best Morocco private tours.


That’s all for now, these above mentioned destinations are fully worth to include in your 2020 Morocco trip. These are the most popular cities in Morocco which offers everything which tourists’ desire that is the reason these cities are becoming more and more popular over the years.

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