Beauty of Essaouira

Beauty of Essaouira

Must include Essaouira in your Morocco budget tours. There is a lot more to discover in this beautiful city and is known as the best source to view the European military architecture. Spend at least 2 to 3 days in Essaouira, because it is enough time to explore maximum things.

Essaouira is the city known for music and beaches. So it is the great choice to consider in your Morocco trip. As there are many places to explore. So below we have mentioned the list of some popular places which are fully worth to visit because they are suitable for all whether you are planning to visit with friends, family or your partner.

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Below mentioned are top things to do and see in Essaouira, have a look –

  • The Ramparts – the symbol of history, built for defence purpose. Every tourist has a curiosity to visit at least once to see these Ramparts. Also you can spend some quality time at the seaside. And don’t miss to carry camera with you to capture this beautiful ambience of the city.


  • Argain oil cooperative – in Essaouira, you will have the great opportunity to see the full procedure of making argain oil from argan trees and will see how women performs this whole process without any hassle by using the ancient tools. Here you will get to know that how much hard work is required to receive the perfect output. The cost of these argan products are quite expensive but fully worth.


  • Essaouira beaches offer the best platform for water sports lovers. In every season you can enjoy windsurfing, kitesurfing as well as other water sports. If you are adventurous and are experienced in performing the water sports then beaches of Essaouira are the best place where you can spend the adventurous time.


  • Horse Riding – you can either enjoy the Horse riding if you are not much interested in water sports. And don’t worry if you are new to horse riding, you will get proper guidance. It will be an amusing experience for you, while riding along the beach and feeling the cool breeze. So this activity is worth to try. But if this is your first time then we recommend you to must pay attention towards the guidance which you will be provided there.


  • Enjoy your evening time at II Mare bar, this place has proper arrangements for all the tourists. II Mare bar has restaurants, café and bar, so whether you want to have meal, or want a refreshing tea or coffee or want to have some party time, proper arrangements are there. The atmosphere will drive you crazy with soft live music and beautiful decorations all around. You can spend the quality time there with your family, and if you are a couple, then this place has the relevant atmosphere especially for couples. Which means you are going to have a great time together. Also enjoy the views of sunset from the terrace while having a glass of champagne in hand. Must carry a camera with you to capture your beautiful moments in this amazing city. Mare bar offers everything which requires by the tourists, that is the reason this place is capable enough to win every one’s heart. So surely include this place when planning to have real morocco tours.


  • If you visited Essaouira at the time of annual musical festival, then it is like icing on the cake for you. On Gnaoua World Music Festival, the group of expert Gnawa musicians entertains the tourists with their variety of music like rock, folk and contemporary. And do you know the best part, this place offers the tourists to enjoy many of the music performances for free.


  • Fishing market – Essaouira is known for its fishing markets. So how can it be possible to ignore this place while having trip to this city? must visit the fish market, you will see the small boats of blue color and many fisherman selling the fish. We recommend you to must buy fish from this fishing market as here you will get the fresh fish which you can never get from anywhere in the whole country.


  • Souk – Souks are the perfect source of exploring the area by walking in the streets. So turn your journey to reach the old souks in the city, explore the beautiful objects there like potteries, tapestries and jewelries. If you enjoy having a long walk, then souks are the best option for you. Also shop the traditional clothes, as in this trip you have the golden chance to collect the objects of different culture. And don’t forget to taste the street food which is really admirable, we also checked in a survey that tourists love the taste of Moroccan dishes because of the spices they use. And don’t worry you can have both vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines in their streets. So surely include the souks in your morocco budget tours.


  • Had Dra – another place for exploring the area. It is the one of the largest market in Morocco. and do you know the unique part? This market is full of animals and agricultural products. So must plan your trip to this amazing market especially on Sundays. As Sunday is the perfect day to enjoy having real morocco tours in this amazing market. Apart from all this, you can also buy some fresh vegetables and fruits.


  • Sidi Mohamad ben abdellah museum – maximum tourists are fond of knowing the history of Morocco. In this museum, you will find all the ancient objects which symbolize the history of morocco. You will see there potteries, jewelries, historical art effects, clothes and much more. You will also learn about the berber culture there. And the architecture of building is actually amazing. These all are the reasons which have made this museum best in the city.


  • Essouira is also known for the place of best seafood restaurants. You will have there prawns, mussels, eel, urchins, squid and the variety of yummiest sea food which you might never tasted in your life.


Hope we made a clear picture about the best places of Essaouira which are worth to include in your journey.

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