A Photo diary on travel to Morocco

A Photo diary on travel to Morocco

Visitors gain lots of memories on their trip to Morocco, these memories are worth to collect and keep with you over a life time. These amazing moments of the trip are not enjoyed on a regular basis, that is why these moments are very special. So why restrict your joy to limited time? Let’s enjoy it during the whole life by memorizing your trip again and again. Collecting pictures of your adventure time is the best idea for great imagination and to drown in the memories of your joy.

Morocco is definitely on the travel list of many people, whatever the cause of your journey is. Morocco live ups to the expectations of the visitors of all the choices and tastes. And this is the best part of this country.

Here in this article, we will let you know the best destinations to visit, especially which are worth full to be in your photo diary.

Though it depends on your choice that which type of destination you will like to visit, here we are giving a brief detail of some places which are more popular amongst tourists.

  • Erg Chebbi dunes – this place is one of the most photogenic attractions of Morocco. The beautiful dunes along with 150 meters’ height and 5 kilometres breadth. People usually find it the topmost attraction of the country. Here you can enjoy the camel ride in the dunes. Or you can simply spend an alone and pleasant time under the beautiful sky of the desert. And enjoying the Bonfire is the most usual activity there which is performed by mostly friends and couples.


  • Ait Benhaddou – known as the shooting location of many popular movies. This village is also considered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here you can explore the culture and daily lives of people by just strolling in the streets. Here you will see the houses of people built from Mud. This place will give you a unique experience.


  • Chaouwara Tanneries, Fes – if you like to spend time in the crowdie and noisy atmosphere, then this place will surely amaze you. You can explore the leather making process which is performed by the trained and hardworking men of the place. The fine output of leather there comes up through the handmade process of people. This process Includes the dyeing of leather in the large pits and then they start working on it to create a finished leather object. This is an amazing and unique process that is lesser known by the people.


  • Chefchaouen – the unique part of this city, that this whole city is fully painted by the charming blue color. Even you will see every building colored in blue. Which gives a scenic view, people mostly consider this place perfect for capturing. You will also see here the daily lives of people, you can also interact with them to know more about their nature of living and their traditions.


  • Ouzoud waterfalls – this place is only for the waterfall lovers, because the view of fountains and water flows is limitless there. This place is situated near the village of Tanaghmeilt in the High Atlas Mountains. Ouzoud Waterfalls is fully surrounded by the green valleys. You can enjoy the strolling time there on the paths lined by olive trees. Here you will see a lot of things to capture and don’t miss out to view and capture the activities of playful monkeys, who are always successful to snatch the attention of visitors.


  • Jbel Toubkal – this mountain is the part of High Atlas and is the tallest mountain in Morocco. Maximum people find there hiking opportunities. So, this place is best suited for adventure lovers and the people who are good in trekking. Not only this, you can also visit the national park, which is close to this mountain. In the park, you will see almost all the kinds of wildlife.


  • Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech – visiting Koutoubia Mosque is the desire of maximum tourists. All because of its holy atmosphere which dissolves in the surroundings and gives extreme peace to the visitors. Non Muslims are not allowed but you can still feel the beauty of it’s atmosphere by walking outside the Mosque or you can also walk in the gardens which are fully surrounded to the Mosque.


  • Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakech – this is the most popular evening destination of Marrakech. Again if you are in love with the noisy roads and happening streets, then surely visit the place. If you visit there in the evening, then it is like the ice on the cake for you. In the evening, this place turns into a fancy atmosphere. You will see magicians, artists, dancers, story tellers and musicians all around. And people also, wearing their traditional clothes. The street food there is also popular, so must try it.


  • Bahia Palace – it is the most beautiful palace situated in Marrakech. This palace also reflects the tradition of the late 19th This is the whole complex, which consists of gardens. Courtyards and rooms. The architecture is great. You will see the amazing work on doors, walls and ceilings.


  • Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca – this is another famous Mosque of Morocco. Situated near the Atlantic ocean. The Interior and architecture are admirable. You can spend some quality time there.


  • Moroccan Jewish Museum – the best thing about this Mosque is that this is the only Mosque in the whole Arab, where you can explore Jewish history and their culture through the artefacts, objects and jewelries. There you will have so much to know and to learn and obviously, for capturing photos too!


  • Ifrane National Park, Ifrane – you will like Ifrane city the most because it is also known as the Switzerland of Morocco. Here you will find many scenic views. Its Ifrane national park is the most popular place where tourists love to visit. Hiking in the cedar forests is the best you can do.


These are some of the best places which are fully worth to visit and capture in your photo diary.

You can also interact with the people of Morocco as they are very friendly with tourists and warmly welcomes visitors to their homes. You can spend some time with them, as this is also the best moment to capture and memorise later.

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