A guide to Moroccan spa which will refresh your soul and body

A guide to Moroccan spa which will refresh your soul and body

Hammams are the best source to get refreshing experience in your Morocco holiday tour. We recommend you to surely visit Hammam when having your tour to Morocco. Why we are saying this because we want you to take a new innovative experience in your travel vacation. Because a vacation tour is of no use if you haven’t even experienced a new refreshing and pleasant moment.

Many tourists are not fully aware of what exactly are the services which are provided by Hammams, and are often confused about the questions like, what should they choose to visit local hammam or tourist’s hammam? And what to carry and what to expect.

All these are common questions which came in almost every traveler mind who are new to Morocco.

Our article is the answer to all your confusions, so must read till the end.

First of all what is Hammam, though maximum people know, but still some are confused about this. And this article will not let you remain unaware of any important fact about these Moroccan Hammams.

So let’s start with the basic meaning of Hammam.

It is a bath house, where lots of people came and enjoy their bath time and are same as other bath houses in the world. Where you will be scrubbed, soaked and cleaned. This bath is essential to improve the quality of the skin. You will yourself feel the better texture of your skin as compared to before. And all credit goes to their excellent facilities which they provide to the visitors.

There are two types of Hammam, one is for local people of Morocco and the other is for tourists. You can easily differentiate the features of both by their names.

So you can visit the tourists’ hammam. Actually, In tourists’ hammams, you will receive better facilities because these hammams especially work according to tourists. So you will not face any kind of uncomfortability regarding the language or any other thing. And not to worry about how things will work. There you will find someone like an assistant who will guide you each and every thing.

Next query is what to wear in Hammams, you will be guided to get undressed and provided a separate locker and a changing room. You will also be provided proper swimsuits and either you have the choice to go naked for the bath. Men are must to wear bottoms.

After getting ready with your preferred swimsuit, your hammam attendant will take you to a room full of dampness. You only need to do is to sit and get relaxed. This steam will totally remove your stress and open pores of your skin. Take a deep breath and forget about everything.

After 5 minutes your attendant will return to proceed further and soap up whole your body with the special Moroccan black soap. This soap will work in a magical way to your skin. You might be uncomfortable a bit as attendant will soap up whole your body but be relaxed, it is their job. So better is to remove all uncomfortable thoughts from your mind to properly feel this refreshing moment. When done with soaping, rub it gently from your skin and again sit calmly for 5 minutes. Then it’s time to get bath with hot water. After 5 minutes you will see your attendant coming with a bucket of hot water to wash soap from your skin. This will give you a relaxed feeling.

Till this, you will like all the steps, but the next step is a bit torture. Our intention is not to scare you, but yes it’s true.

But if we think logically, this step is most essential for your skin. The attendant will roughly scrub all the outer layer of your dead skin. So this step is not going to harm you but if you don’t like it or are unable to bear this for long so you can simply tell the attendant to do it easefully or to stop immediately.

And then you will be provided a gentle head wash. It will be a prince or princess type feeling that someone is gently touching your hair and washing it nicely. Relax and feel this moment for some time. And be prepared for the final step, because it will give you a last amazing touch.

It’s morocco special tea, after changing, you will be provided a hot cup of tea. Enjoy each sip, your mind and body will feel extremely light and relaxed.

After knowing all the facilities of Hammams, don’t you are realizing that you haven’t felt the most precious moments in your trip. But don’t worry, this article was all about to guide and get you aware of the benefits of Hammam.

And one more thing, the above mentioned facilities are only for the tourist hammams. Local hammams are different in terms of providing facilities.

The first difference is you have to carry all your requisites with you like towels, swim suits as well as soaps. And chances are maximum that no attendant will be there for you. Though there are no such rules, but hiring an attendant is a much difficult task for the travelers who can’t speak any other language instead of English only. To interact with them, you must know little French.

You will be provided a room, where you can get undressed, but there will be no locker, so don’t bring any expensive thing with you.

After getting undressed, you have to do the whole procedure on your own. Take the bucket of water and sit somewhere and wash yourself by your own same as the way of tourists hammams. For scrubbing, you can also take help from other people in the room.

By analyzing the difference between both the hammams, tourist hammam will be considered more comfortable and convenient for you. Might be they charge a bit more.

But this is fully worth in case of tourists hammam.

Hope we are successful in giving you a virtual hammam experience, for better understanding you can also watch some videos of Hammams of Morocco. As these videos are easily available online.

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