10 ways to save money in Morocco

10 ways to save money in Morocco

Want to plan a trip to Morocco? But little worried about the expense, right?

Don’t worry, we have deeply analysed your problem and came into the best conclusions. Our suggestions will help you out to enjoy limitless in your limited budget and will help you out to save your money without harming your adventure trip.

This article is all about to explain some do’s and don’ts to follow so that your trip can be done without much expense and you will be able to make a trip again to this amazing destination.

  • First of all, you need to convert your money in advance as you will receive the cheapest deals on the Moroccan dirham if you exchange your currency before traveling around Morocco. Because at the last moment, airport bureaus will charge approx 10% more on the actual exchange rate. So little alertness can save up to 10% of yours.


  • Work on your haggling skills before traveling to Morocco, souks like in Marrakech or fez will offer you the most attractive and catchy products which might appeal to you on the first go and you will definitely want to buy it on every cost. But this can harm your budget, so prepare yourself for haggling in the souks. You can set up a target on your mind that at what price you can buy the particular product without affecting your budget and then, accordingly bargain for that product. This will surely be going to work, so must try. For this purpose, we also recommend you to learn some basic French phrases as the maximum population in Morocco speaks the French language only, so this will make it easy for you to affect fully interact with them.


  • You can book a car rental service, as this will cost you cheaper. For that purpose, you need to be appropriate in driving. There are many car rental service providers, which you can directly book at the airport and independently drive the car throughout the country. Or you can also take a taxi, but be sure to fix the price before taking any taxi, as they charge very high if you don’t negotiate the cost. Especially in Marrakech, where taxi drivers mostly avoid to use their meters. If we talk about the average cost, it is around 20 dirhams if you travel in the whole particular city, charges may vary according to the number of people you are in a group in total.


  • Hammams are the most desirable place amongst tourists they surely include their relaxation time in the Hammams during their trip. If you are a first timer, then frankly, tourists’ hammams are more convenient for you in terms of comfortability as there you will be offered a professional assistant who will help you out in every thing. And in local hammams, you have to do everything on your own. This is the only difference! And tourists’ hammams cost you around 5 times more than a local hammam. So if you want to spend your trip budget-friendly, then go for the local hammams, as this will also give you an amazing experience according to your budget.


  • Always keep small amounts of money with you to avoid any kind of hassle in taking a taxi, or offering a tip to the waiters or any other service provider. Because the most essential point to be noted is that if you are traveling in a country, then whatever services you are taking, there is a common expectation of people there for getting a tip.


  • When travelling around Morocco, be aware of scammers, you will see many people offering you to take you on the tour in the city. They maximum are fraud, and always looking to steal your money. So avoid being in contact with them. It can be dangerous for you. We suggest you to hire a professional guide in reference of a trustable tourism company or you can also approach the hotel in which you are staying.


  • The train is more preferable than any other transport, as it is reasonable as well as a convenient option for you. You will surely love the experience of travelling hassle-freely in a first class compartment by viewing the beauty of Morocco. If you really want to enjoy your Morocco trip in the train, then best is to prefer the first class compartment for travel to have comfortable seats with an air conditioning facility. If we talk about the particular cost, then one way travel will cost you around 250 dirhams.


  • In your private Morocco travel tours, prefer to eat street foods there rather than restaurant foods, as it will cost you little. The cost of street food is far reasonable than restaurants’ food. Especially in the markets in the medina, you will find the yummiest meal. We also recommend you to prefer that stall where maximum people can be seen. This will increase the chances to have the finest food there.


  • Try to avoid drinking there, as drinks are more costly in Morocco than any other country because it is prohibited there, that’s why it is very rare to see in maximum bars and shops, but still, there are some hotels and bars which offer drinks but at a very high cost. So it can badly affect your budget if you purchase alcohol there, so better is to avoid as much as you can.


  • Avoid data roaming, before making your private and custom tours to Morocco, firstly buy an international sim card so that you can easily get in touch with your families and friends in your home country. This will reduce the cost of Data roaming.


To enjoy your private Morocco travel tours without harming your budget, must consider above mentioned tried and tested tricks which will surely work for you.

For your better understanding, we are mentioning below some cities in Morocco which are budget friendly. Prefer including these cities on your private and custom tours to Morocco.

  1. Chefchaouen
  2. Fes
  3. Tangier
  4. Rabat
  5. Marrakech
  6. Essaouira
  7. Agadir
  8. Ait Ben Haddou
  9. Asilah
  10. Tinghir

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