10 reasons to visit in Marrakech

10 reasons to visit in Marrakech

Marrakech – the most popular destination which comes to every traveler’s mind as the topmost when planning to have private Morocco travel tours and all credit goes to its lively environment which every tourist love to feel.

Tourists have there unique and lovely experiences. And the most interesting part, Marrakech is so big and full of adventure that you will always find something remaining to explore.

If you are fond of having fun in the markets, exploring of the culture and tradition and want to taste new yummy dishes, then nothing is better for you in comparison to having best morocco private tours in Marrakech. When you will enter the city, the sounds of people selling goods, snake charmers, crowded markets, and their unique culture will make you crazy.

Some people are scared of crowded places but don’t worry, the crowd of Marrakech brings a new life in people and all because of their magical environment which you will surely realize in your private morocco travel tours.

As a tourist, you will love to spend time there.

The motive of this article is to reflect the fact that Marrakech is deserved to be on the top of your best Morocco private tours list.

Let us explain how –

  • Medina must be your first place to visit in Marrakech. Here you will experience a positive sense of life. Meet local people around walking in the streets. And they are so friendly by nature as they warmly welcome the tourists to their houses and offers tasty mint tea. On roads, you will see kids playing and women are gossiping and laughing loudly.

When it comes to Medina, can’t forget to mention the old souks. These souks are the source to get more and more knowledge about the Moroccan culture and talents of people. Their art of making jewelry, ornaments, and their craftwork is the biggest example of their creativity. And don’t forget to shop for their carpets. You will never find those type of carpet designs anywhere in the world.

  • You must be familiar that Morocco is also known for its unique museums. If you are fond of knowing the history then must have a visit there to watch the displayed craft work, tools , ornaments, jewelry, musical instruments. It is quite interesting to know the facts of Moroccan history and culture.


  • Koutoubia Mosque – feel the holiness in the most famous Koutoubia Mosque. The building is full of Almohad architecture. Non muslims are strictly prohibited to enter under the mosque but still, your trip to Koutoubia Mosque will be worth by spending time in the outside area.


  • Spend the refreshing time in the luxurious Hammams, with taking baths and massages. As it is helpful to recover the tiredness. You can also make friends there by socializing.


  • Moroccan dishes – whether you will have street food or have your meal at the restaurants. The dishes are equally admirable. You will find there many restaurants offering tastiest tagines, fish and other dishes. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian tagines are available with amazing taste. Some of their dishes are – Zaalouk, Harira soup, Pastilla, Khobz, Makouda, spicy sardines etc and the most popular dish couscous salad made up of vegetables and meat.


  • Visit Djemaa el Fna, known as the heart of Marrakech. A typical example of the amazing and interesting view of local streets. In the evening time, you will see here the best moments to capture. The interesting story and fortune tellers, musicians playing heart touching sound with their instruments and dancers performing in the streets. The unique experience you will gain and also don’t forget to enjoy shopping there as you will find the best items at affordable prices in your affordable Morocco tours.


  • Saadian Tombs – rediscovered in the year 1917. Its architecture is impossible to explain through words, the attractive tiles along with Arabic scripts are simply admirable.


  • Accommodation – it is the major part when having a trip. Marrakech offers luxurious Riads. In short, extreme comfort you will receive at the affordable cost. The decorations of their riads, the designs of their walls and furniture reflect their Moroccan culture. So spend your hours of comfort and happiness there with your companions.


  • The Majorelle Garden – most iconic garden in Marrakech. This 12 acre botanical garden will amaze you with the beautiful environment and surroundings. This place is totally worth to spend a whole day there by visiting the Islamic art museum in which species of birds, groves of bananas and coconut are found.


  • Tanneries of Marrakech – this view is best suited for photographers. Here you will see how actual things work to get a finished and perfect product. This is the market of leather, shoes, bags and many other objects. You will see dyes and other liquids spread out everywhere which resembles as watercolors. These tanneries convert the skin of animals to make the leather objects. And the most interesting part, the whole process is done manually without any help of machines. The procedure is long but essential to get the desired output.


  • Take a long drive on the mountain road while enjoying the fresh breeze. And also take your route to reach the Draa valley.


  • For spending some quality time with your family or friends in peace, then you must have a visit to Toubkal national park. It is a great place to get relaxed from the daily noisy crowds of Marrakech city. Enjoy your tea with the view of mountains.


  • Bahia palace – explore the palace of Morocco in which ancient paintings, jewelry, tiles are found along with the great interior which are the major attraction for tourists. This palace was built in the late 19th century and was the residence of Grand Vizier Bou Ahmad.


  • If wants to know more about their Berber culture, then visit the Dar Si Said museum of Moroccan arts and crafts, which showcase their berber culture through artifacts, embroideries and jewelry. You will also see the collection of carpets and traditional designs of doors and windows.

Hope you find too many reasons to visit this amazing destination. Now plan your affordable Morocco tours to experience all this in real.

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