1 Day Excursion To Ouzoud

This Morocco Travel package belongs to the people who love to spend their maximum time playing with water. This place is located near the village of tanaghmeilt in the province of Azilal and considered as the highest waterfall in Morocco. Ouzoud Falls, by its name you can simply imagine how much fun you are going to have in this place. We will pick you from your hotel in the early morning so that you can experience the real beauty of the place. As early morning time is best suited to explore the natural environment.

There are walking paths spread all over the place so you can have a good morning walk and also enjoy gossiping time with your companions. You can have your breakfast when you want. As there are many cafes and restaurants available there. After having breakfast continue exploring the area, their shops and much more.

Also watch their wildlife who will ramble around you, especially monkeys and get a swim to feel the actual pleasure with nature. And don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, towel and other required things with you during the trip. You can also enjoy boating with your friends. That will give you a refreshing experience.

In the late afternoon, this place becomes more beautiful because at that time you will be able to see colorful rainbows in the sky. Enjoy the extreme beauty and happiness of nature.

After that we will have a trip to see the olive oil production. At the top of the falls, along with the river there are huge quantity of water mills that make olive oil from the crops which spread all over the place. This will be a unique experience for all who never saw a raw production.

In this way, your travelling in Morocco will be a unique experience too. In the evening, we will go to the berber village to see their lifestyles, and tradition. And will meet new people to know more about them and their place.

We will have some tea and refreshments at the end of our trip. Hope you will spend a great time travelling in morocco.

This Morocco travel package will provide you extreme fun because it will create a great bonding between you and nature.

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