1 Day Excursion To Essaouira

Are you planning a trip to Morocco, don’t forget to visit its famous tourist attraction – Essaouira. It is the most exciting place, best suited for tourists. Here is so much to watch and do – Horse Riding, water games, local markets, fish markets, museums and many more attractive places and activities.

Be ready! Your one day trip to Essaouira is going to be so much happening that you will definitely wish to extend the trip to more days.

It’s our challenge! And our arrangements are actually very much responsible to increase your enjoyment. Let’s have a look, what we have arranged for our travelers.

Essaouira is located in Marrakech city of Morocco. Formerly it was named “Mogador”. Also known as a late 18th century fortified town, designed according to the principles of European military architecture. And the most interesting fact, it is a seaside town. Its chilled atmosphere and beaches will definitely make you fascinated. We categorize your exciting journey according to time – Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

We provide an assurity of memorable moments in your every specific time. Let’s begin the countdown

Morning Destination – Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah Museum

This museum was named after the founder of the city. Built in the 19th century. And do you know this museum is considered as the best museum in the city because of its beautiful architecture and the evergreen original beauty of the ancient objects which this museum contains since years.

If you are fond of exploring ancient history and their objects, then this place is best suited for you. Here you will see ritualistic devices, old weapons, musical instruments and dress of their tradition. That will be a good source of knowledge as well.

After visiting Museum, how can we forget to visit the most famous fish market of this place which also known as the fishing town because maximum people do fishing trade here. It will be so beautiful to see how they work and the beautiful blue boats all around.

We prefer to visit there only in the morning, so that you can feel the beauty of the place in a less crowded time.

Afternoon Destination – Medina

When planned for a visit to Morocco, don’t forget to explore its most famous street – Medina. It is actually like a code word for shopping. It is a small street but most happening and colorful than a big city. You can see here colorful dresses, blankets, and wooden handicrafts hanging in almost every shop. That is why it seems like a colorful area.

Before exploring their shops, first have your lunch and then we will continue our journey. After lunch, it’s time to visit the shops and start purchasing of the objects you like most there and can also enjoy window shopping there as exploring the goods is the most excellent way for spending a good time.

Evening Destination – II Mare Bar

We know you will feel tired after departing from the shopping destination. So we planned an amazing evening time for you at II Mare Bar. You can get relaxed there by having some tea, refreshments and snacks and also enjoy watching a beautiful scene of the sunset as well and you will have an amazing view of Ramparts also. The Ramparts are the big walls and building specially built for defense purpose. And your journey ends here with a great positivity.

You would love to spend your quality time in the city with us. There is so much to see and so much to do. Your Trip to Morocco, will be proved as the finest decision of your life.

Visit Morocco and enjoy the Imperial City tours with us.

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